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There were literally hundreds of news stories and blog posts written at Search Engine Strategies (SES) Chicago last week. That’s not surprising, considering that there were a total of 144 different speakers who participated in one of the 69 panels, sessions, workshops or keynotes at the event. Plus, a surprising number of the more than 3,000 attendees were also reporting or blogging from the show.

If you want a comprehensive list, check out all four of Matt McGowan’s posts on the Search Engine Strategies Blog:

If you want an idea of the top 40 news stories and blog posts from SES Chicago, check out all four of my posts on the Search Engine Watch Blog:

Or, if you are like my business partner, who was busy working in San Francisco while I was speaking, blogging and networking in the Windy City, you don’t have time to sort through all of this. So, for you – and him – here are the top 10 news stories and blog posts from the conference:

1. SES Chicago Keynote – Seth Godin & 14 Trends to Avoid a Meatball Sundae
By Jolina Pettice, TopRank Online Marketing Blog

Day two at SES Chicago opened with a keynote speech from Seth Godin talking about Meatball Sundaes. So what’s this Meatball Sundae all about? Let’s break it down first: The meatballs are the core of the organization whether it’s products, services or traditional marketing. The sundae, the whipped topping, nuts, sprinkles and cherry is what new marketing provides including channels like social media.

2. Thoughts on Don Schultz’s Keynote at SES
By Eric Enge, Search Engine Watch Blog

On Monday afternoon at SES Chicago, Don Schultz of Northwestern University was the featured keynote speaker. His presentation focused on providing some perspective on the maturity of the search industry.

3. Net Neutrality: What Can We Do?
By Rebecca Lieb, ClickZ News

Reformed telco executive David S. Isenberg, author of the influential essay “The Rise of the Stupid Network: Why the Intelligent Network was a Good Idea Once but isn’t Anymore”, delivered the morning keynote today at SES Chicago. His talk was entitled “Five Reasons Why Search Engine Marketers Need a Neutral Net.”

4. SES Chicago: Soaring Through Universal Search
By David A. Utter, WebProNews

The speakers at the SES Chicago Orion Panel: Universal, Blended and Vertical Search noted the need to fulfill the value proposition of search for visitors.

5. Orion Panel – Search, Privacy, and the Community in the Digital Age
By Chris Boggs, Search Engine Roundtable

Kevin Ryan said he thought he would change it up a little, this being his first SES fully in-charge. They created a pop culture video mash about searchâï¿Â½Â¦very funny.

6. The Unfiltered Reality of SES Chicago
By Marty Weintraub, Aim Clear Blog

Much has been written about the inevitable evolution of Search Engine Strategies which, though destined to occur eventually, happened cold turkey this week with the overlapping of PubCon. We’ll I’m here in Chicago and I’ve got feedback for you straight from the source.

7. SES Chicago 2007: Kevin Ryan of SES and SEW
By Kara Ratliff, WebProNews Videos

Kevin Ryan, the Vice President and Global Content Director for Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch, speaks to WebProNews at SES Chicago 2007. Ryan gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for the Search Engine Strategies Conference Series. He also gives us a sneak peek at what’s coming up in 2008.

8. SEMs Get ‘No Respect’ No More
By Kevin Heisler, Search Engine Watch

As an SEO or search marketer, recruiters call you the hottest commodity in marketing. At Search Engine Strategies, you can’t walk down the hall or sit at the bar without getting spammed by job offers. Good times.

9. Are We Too Excited About Personalization?
By Mike Murray, Fathom SEO Search Engine Marketing Blog

The good thing about these conferences, including Search Engine Strategies in Chicago this week, is that they put some issues in perspective. In other words, there has been a big buzz about personalization on Google this year. Any change is going to have its pros and cons. So why not make search more relevant to a user if personal profiles can enable Google to adapt to an individual’s search preferences and patterns?

10. Search Industry Nostalgia a Reminder of How Far We’ve Come
By Andrew Goodman, Search Engine Land

As I get settled in at SES Chicago 2007, the search marketing industry feels as dynamic as ever; who else could make the grand old 1927-built Chicago Hilton feel so alive with pleasure?

There are a couple of other places that you might want to check out to get a sense of the conference.

One is Webmaster Radio, which provided extensive trade show coverage, including:

Or, go to Flickr and search for SES Chicago 2007. You’ll find 75 photos.

Last but not least, track down someone who went to the event and see if they’ll show you their copy of the premiere issue of SES Magazine.

The 88-page glossy publication contains more than the list of sponsors, exhibitors, sessions and training. It includes the following features:

    • Q&A with Andrew Goodman
    • Q&A with James Lamberti
    • Q&A with Seth Godin

SES Magazine, distributed at the show, includes columns on:

    • The Real Impact of “Universal” Search
    • Distilling Universal Search
    • Optimizing for Universal Search
    • Changes to Google’s Top-Rank Formula
    • Mastering Yahoo’s Panama

In other words, you really had to be at Search Engine Strategies Chicago to see and hear all the news from the show. Oh, it was also cold in the Windy City in December – but that’s not news. You could have found that out from reading The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Greg Jarboe is the president and co-founder of SEO-PR, a search engine optimization and public relations firm. He is also the news search, blog search and PR correspondent for the Search Engine Watch Blog.

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