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Landing Page Paradox?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Should landing pages focus only a single intended goal, or point end users to other relevant offers, information and navigation?”

EarthLink & Google Win San Francisco Wi-Fi Bid
Webmaster World

“EarthLink and Google have been tabbed as the most viable bidders to blanket San Francisco with a Wi-Fi network, based on a review by the city’s Department of Telecommunications and Information Services, or DTIS.”

Death In Gmail
v7n Forum

“…if you type in something like ‘death’ or ‘died’ anywhere in the email, you’ll never get the ads because … someone could be sending someone an email about someone dying and they don’t want to offend anyone.”

Google Is Banning Sites That Use Open Directory (DMOZ) Data
Webmaster World

“There is a new study that says Google is ‘massively’ banning sites that use any DMOZ data.”

Position Preference – New Feature For Google AdWords
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Prefer to show up only in certain ad positions on Google? A new feature doesn’t guarantee to get you into them. However, it can help keep you out of positions you don’t want.”

Home Page PageRank Is Less Than PageRank On Internal Pages
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google’s doing a PageRank update and among the oddities are reports of home pages scoring less than internal pages. That’s never been impossible, but it is unusual and has people talking.”

Google Related Links
Webmaster World

“Webmasters can place Related Links units on their site to provide visitors with links to useful information, including related searches, pages and news. Any webmaster can host a unit on their website and start serving links to content that is targeted to the topic on that page.”

Pros & Cons of SES & WMW Conferences
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“…for newbies, the massive amount of information available is priceless. For pros, the little nuggets of information may lead to ideas and thoughts you’d never had before, and the networking is great. For everyone, the energy provides a renewed excitement to do something new, or different.”

PPC Agency Key Performance Indicators
Search Engine Watch Forums

“One member needs a reasonable measurement to hold their PPC management firm accountable for success. Any suggestions?”

GBase, GBuy, and Adwords/AdSense Tied Together?
Webmaster World

“The quickest way to improve the quality of an ad is to have the ad instantaneously turn into a purchase that is 100 percent perfect… We now have a solution that we believe enables advertisers to offer a digital product on the Web so that when people click on it, through a credit-card mechanism, it is automatically taken care of.”

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