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Will Martha Stewart’s Future Apprentice Be An SEO Consultant?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Is Martha Stewart about to learn about sandboxes, the importance of backlinks, be encouraged to create quality content or become obsessed with rank checking? One of the contestants on her reality show The Apprentice is an SEO!”

What Exactly Is A Copywriter?
High Rankings Forum

“I am looking for a writer and I am a little baffled by all the titles. Copy Writer? Technical Writer? Creative Writer?”

Selling Organic Positions
Search Engine Watch Forums

“This model has been around for a decade. Many today are simply better at it, while their target markets are more receptive to taking advantage, thus helping to monetize the model.”

High Rankings Forum

“…the API technology seems to be the way all of the big data houses are moving. Amazon already has one. eBay does too. And all of the major search engines. All of them are (basically) Open Source too.”

Nielsen reports that 42% of users click the #1 SERP [Search Engine Results Page” result
Cre8asite Forums

“42% of users studied selected the topmost search listing from the results. This was far and away the most-clicked single link position in the study. However, it is still interesting to note that the majority (58 percent) of all users studied did not select the top search result.”

Google Drops The Home Page Count
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google says it’s bigger, the most comprehensive but that it no longer needs to publish counts on its home page since counts alone don’t prove anything.”

MSN … A Great Tool For Google?
High Rankings Forum

“If MSN is focusing so much on ‘onSite optimization’ and shows the results so quickly, it can be a great tool to use when optimizing for Google and even Yahoo?”

Do Google KNOW how AdSense works?
Webmaster World

“I would also agree that using the block list isn’t going to work for everybody. What got me fired up was when the ‘Inside AdSense’ writer dismissed blocking to increase profits as a ‘Myth.’ It clearly works well for people here, so it can’t be a myth.”

100 – And + Google Ranking Factors
High Rankings Forum

“Often when rankings and traffic go down, the volume of business can increase when your site is actually only targeting phrases that make sense and making it easier for customers to purchase. Rankings does not equal volume of business. That is a very widely held misconception.”

How Is C-Index Used?
Cre8asite Forums

“I would be interested in a discussion of how C-Index analysis is used in SERPS, especially as related to niche terms. How might an especially high or low C-Index effect a site’s SERPS, time in the sandbox or AdSense targeting?”

Local Search Polluting the PPC Listings?
Virtual Promote Forums

“Unlike Search, you can’t see what the other bids are. You can only see an Estimated Max Bid and can see what you’re actually charged. No way of knowing how many bidders or what their bids might be. This is because the Local areas each advertiser chooses can overlap so the number of ads can differ for each town.”

Inverse Searches and User Annotations
Cre8asite Forums

“Imagine being about to enter a URL, and find out information about the site, collected over time, such as which other sites point to it, what other people feel about it, and more. A couple of new patent applications from Yahoo cover these types of topics.”

Click Fraud Software, Any Suggestions
High Rankings Forum

“…I basically grabbed 2 days worth of log files, identified the PPC referral strings, whacked them into a spreadsheet, sorted by IP address and hey presto, there was the evidence I needed.”

Claiming Click Fraud Refunds in Google
Virtual Promote Forums

“I’m collecting information as to what’s the best way to go about claiming refunds from Google for the potential fraudulent activity caught by a 3rd party auditing services. I would appreciate any tips, stories, or experiences you could share.”

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