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Local Search Marketing: A Huge Untapped Market
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…local search may be the catalyst that causes advertising dollars to shift away from traditional channels and into search marketing. If so, that’s a huge, untapped market that’s ripe for the picking for search marketing professionals. ”

Research: Do Keywords In URL Influence Your Rank?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I decided to find out the real importance of keyword presence in URL. There are so many empty-minded topics with lots of opinions and no research preceding them. That’s why I performed the following research…”

Make All Your Keywords Plural?
High Rankings Forum

“Although stemming tends to work out rather than in (ie it’s more likely to add an ‘s’ than remove one) you are ALWAYS best off by matching the content and links to the actual search term.”

Dead Links to Other Sites
Virtual Promote Forums

“How concerned should one be about links to other sites that might not be good in a week?”

How Do PPC Campaigns And SEO Compliment Each Other
High Rankings Forum

“…you can test terms with PPC [Pay Per Click” to find out if they’re worth optimizing for, and take terms that generate sales/leads through SEO [Search Engine Optimization” and create PPC ads to bring more of that traffic to your site.”

World Without Search Engines
Cre8asite Forums

“I’ve been thinking lately that it might not be such a bad idea to take the question more seriously. What would you do if search engines didn’t exist? … How would people find your web site? What efforts might you make offline? What would you do online? … How would you tell that a particular site was a good candidate to exchange links with? How might television, magazines, newsletters, blogs, RSS, syndicated articles, forums, and so on, play into your post-search engine plans?”

Does Adwords Have a Limit On the Number of Ads?
Webmaster World

“Typically, one would use multiple ads in one Ad Group to test one ad against another. Most often, I think, advertiser want to test one headline against another… …one would use multiple Ad Groups to advertise different things in a very targeted way. To accomplish this, create a list of keywords, all about the same thing – and create an ad (or ads) also about that same thing. This gives you a targeted Ad Group. Then create as many Ad Groups as you need to advertise each thing you have to offer, in this targeted way.”

New Adwords Features – Tools and Reporting
Webmaster World

“New updates to features and functionality of Adwords interfaces.”

New AdWords Classifications Coming
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Sometime in November Google is revamping the classification of keyword status… Strong, Moderate, At Risk and Disabled will be gone. Replacing them will be Active and Disabled, as well as ‘In Trial’. In Trail has been delivered to meet the problem of quick disabling of terms. Google will use its predictive modelling to know what words are not going to do well and give them more time to run. Instead of the 1,000 impressions and you’re out… this new system may allow terms as much as 10 times more access to eyeballs.”

Readability of centered sites
Cre8asite Forums

“I’m wondering if anybody knows of any research that shows that readability diminishes by moving the left margin of the text away from the border of the browser (which is what would happened if you put your left-aligned content in a table in the center of the browser). Any thoughts would be appreciated.”

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Kelsey Group: Small Businesses Not Yet Advertising Online
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