Highlights from the SEW Blog: Jun 15, 2005

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Search Marketing Isn’t Just Math & Machines

Search is all about math, right? Throw everything into a black box, let the ad management systems run, and you can forget about creativity. I don’t buy into that at all. Yes, search — especially paid search — has a strong analytical side. But to think it’s all about math and machines is dead wrong…

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BlinkxTV Inks Deal with iFilm

iFilm, the treasure chest of viral videos, music videos, short films, and more has announced a content deal with Blinkx that will make its database accessible via the BlinkxTV video search engine

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MSN Shopping Gets A Blog

Spotted via the Organized Shopping blog, MSN Shopping Insider is a new blog from MSN that is aimed to discuss MSN Shopping. The first two entries cover the PriceGrabber alliance and how the beta of the new service has been closed to the public. More details on both of those moves in our MSN Shopping Partners With PriceGrabber post from yesterday.

Google Already Has 3D City Maps

So is Google really working on a plan to create 3D maps of major cities, as rumored last week? Heck, it turns out the company already has these type of maps. They are available to those beta testing the latest version of Google’s Keyhole software, AKA, Google Earth…

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Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

AOL.com’s Search Effort: Music Visitors Up, So Are Keyword Prices
Media Post Jun 15 2005 11:40AM GMT
Downing Street website launches powerful new search engine
eGov Monitor Jun 15 2005 8:10AM GMT
Q: Should I use text that is visible to search engines but not to humans?
Dear Kalena Search Engine Advice Column Jun 15 2005 8:09AM GMT
Yahoo Buys Internet Phone Provider
Netscape Jun 14 2005 10:37PM GMT
Google Bundles Software with WinZip
BetaNews Jun 14 2005 8:51PM GMT
Google is professionals’ primary search engine, says ChangeWave survey
InternetRetailer.com Jun 14 2005 8:34PM GMT
Microsoft CEO Discusses Three Levels of Search
Search Engine Lowdown Jun 14 2005 8:31PM GMT
Can Search help the Customer be Heard?
Search Engine Guide Jun 14 2005 8:09PM GMT
Libraries in the Age of Google
SwissInfo Jun 14 2005 7:59PM GMT
The 1,000 Points of the Vertical Search Light
ClickZ Today Jun 14 2005 7:58PM GMT
Search Engine Roundtable Named Best Search Blog
Search Engine Watch Jun 14 2005 7:49PM GMT
GlobeXplorer – Entering the Search Wars?
Directions Magazine Jun 14 2005 7:45PM GMT
MSN Shopping To Add PriceGrabber Listings
Media Post Jun 14 2005 7:39PM GMT
Enterprise Search
CIO Jun 14 2005 6:01PM GMT
Sponsored search to grow 47% in 2005
Netimperative Jun 14 2005 12:20PM GMT

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