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Google to Manipulate Organic Rankings with User Profile
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google has filed for an organic search patent, Personalization of placed content ordering in search results, to serve organic search results based on user profiles.”

Microsoft Announces “Windows Live”
Webmaster World

“This strategy embraces IM, your email, news, and other forms of communication. It’s a good move in that there’s no advertising there, which follows on Google’s mantra of, ‘Is it good for the user?'”

Meta Keywords Advice
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Most people agree that the Meta tag is useless. I’ll take it a step further and argue that it’s hazardous. There is more risk than reward in using the meta keywords tag because your competitors can view the meta keywords tag and can steal your keywords.”

Reciprocal Linking: Dead or Alive?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…If you are referring to automated reciprocal linking programs, then I certainly hope so. That way the rest of us who are building links by either developing quality sites, resources and tools that people will want to link to and/or obtaining links by buying one way text ads on relevant sites, submitting quality press releases & articles and gaining inclusion in good directories can continue to benefit by those practices and not have to compete with everyone who participates in reciprocal link trading schemes.”

Microsoft And Yahoo Further Deepen Ties
High Rankings Forum

“Yahoo is already kicking Google’s tush all over the place. The only place they’re not is in organic search. But advertising and everything else… Let’s just say that Google isn’t even in the same ballpark and that Yahoo’s revenue streams are across a much broader spectrum. And is less risky if for none other than that reason.”

SEM Hiring 101
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Discussion on a great article by Internet Retailer on Searching for Searchers and the difficulties with hiring in-house for search expertise.”

Search Engine & Browser Friendly Navigation Menus

High Rankings Forum – “…I’ve seen a few discussions where the issue of ‘search engine friendly’ drop-down and/or expandable menus has come up… Here’s a nice simple solution that uses unordered lists with CSS [Cascading Style Sheets” to create menus that work great in most browsers, and remain usable even in older browsers…”

The Best Copywriting Books (Sort of)
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Over the years, I’ve gathered quite a little collection of books that help me with writing copy. What I’ve noticed is the ones I used most aren’t actually about copywriting.”

Offline Influence On Online Purchases
Cre8asite Forums

“Traditional advertising is not dead yet. Here at my house, even flyers that come in the mail for stores factor into decisions. We often look for URLS in them, or check to see if the online store has a better deal… Catalogs that come in the mail also send me online, even if that wasn’t their intent. I get ideas from their print version and I like the convenience of shopping online. I still look at print advertising more than Internet ads.”

How to Deal With AdSense Income Dropping
Webmaster World

“Like a faucet being turned off, my AdSense income dried up. Interestingly, traffic did not dry up. Just a big drop in CTR [click through rate” and EPC [earnings per click”.”

Why Do People Think Complicated Is Better Than Simple?
High Rankings Forum

“I’ve had people tell me they didn’t think they ‘got their money’s worth’ from a report I created because the conclusions and recommendations seemed ‘too simple.’ All I can say to them is if they were so simple, why didn’t you implement them before you bought a site review, in which you told me you just didn’t know what else you could do?”

Chitika Search Tab IS Allowed Even On Pages With Google Search
Webmaster World

“Translating and paraphrasing the answer I received, Chitika search tab available in eMiniMalls is not an additional web search tool, but a tool to search on specific products. This means that eMiniMalls’ search tab DOES NOT violate AdSense TOS and can be used without any problem.”

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