Highlights from the SEW Blog: Feb. 16, 2006

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Search Engine Advertising to Grow 26% in 2006

The study “Annual Ad Spending Study: Where & Why Advertisers Are Moving Online” released this week by Outsell, Inc. contains advertiser data about the effectiveness of search keyword, contextual and behavioral advertising online, as well as online versus offline advertising methods.

Included in the findings of 1,200 advertisers controlling an estimated $2.8 billion ad budgets are:

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Google Updates “Manipulate Results” Help Center Page

Philipp Lenssen has another nice find, documenting that Google Changed Another Help Entry. This page is currently found hereand used to read; “Does Google ever manipulate its search results?” But now the title reads; “Does Google ever insert jokes or send messages by changing the order of its results?”

Phillip notes that the following lines were taken out of this page; “The order and contents of Google search results are completely automated. No one hand picks a particular result for a given search query.” He also notes that Google has made changes to the help center pages in the past, the most recent was changes made to the censorship page.

Filter By Authority is Added to Technorati Search

Search Engine Journal reports that Technoratiadded an “authority slider” to its search engine. The search slider enables you to set the level “authority” you want to filter by; the filters include (1) “Any authority” that will show all results, (2) A little authority that will show results from blogs with at least one link, (3) Some authority that will show results from blogs with a handful of links and (4) A lot of authority that will show results from blogs with hundreds of links.

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Yahoo Asks for Help in Chinese Censorship Battle

Forbes reports that Yahoo seeks help to fight China censors based on its recent bad press on Yahoo being “accused of handing over evidence to the Chinese government about another activist.” According to an Financial Times articleYahoo has asked for “broad co-operation among internet, media and communication companies and the US government” to fight the Chinese Censorship restrictions set on the Web.

Time Interviews Google’s Brin, Page and Schmidt

Time Magazine features Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt and Larry Page of Google on the February 20, 2006 edition. The cover story is named In Search Of The Real Google. There is also a detailed interview by Adi Ignatius of Time named Meet The Google Guys.

Data Privacy Bill Introduced, Not Well Thought Out

Bill would force Web sites to delete personal info” from News.com is an excellent write-up on a new bill introduced to the US Congress that would require web site owners of all types and sizes — not just search engines — to delete data. However the bill, which was sparked out of search privacy worries, might not correct problems it’s aimed aim.

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