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New Google Patent
Cre8asite Forums
“It may be the clearest indication from Google that human judgment could play a significant role in how some pages are ranked.”

TrueLocal Launches Canadian Local Search Engine
Webmaster World
“ launched Tuesday in Canada, describing itself as an ‘intelligent business phonebook’ on the Internet.”

The Video Void: Where Are All The AdSense Video Ads?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“There was buzz about AdSense gaining video ads, but has anyone seen them live in the wild? And what do you think they should offer? Speak up — Google’s listening.”

Do You Believe in Deep Linking?
V7N Forum
“Is it better to link to the homepage or go a little deeper and link into an internal page you want to boost?”

New Content Management System SEO Concerns
High Rankings Forum
“…they want to use this new CMS to publish content that’s already available at one URL (and will still be available at that URL) but to also make it available through one (or more) of the other sites — and no matter which domain is serving the ‘centralized’ content, the address bar will show that domain…”

Will Software Programs Kill The SEO Star?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Will old school hand-crafted SEO die out Terminator-style, as the machines take over?”

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Elected to Apple Computer Board of Directors
Webmaster World
“Apple Computer elected Google chief executive officer Eric Schmidt to its board of directors in a possible harbinger of an alliance between the technology titans.”

Here Comes Social Media Optimization?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Considering how link building for Buzz, Word of Mouth (WoM) and SEO are melding together, I think we SEOers need to take concrete steps to incorporate Social Media as a important element of WoM and SEO. So follow SEO folks, what are we doing?”

Duplicate Content – Get it Right or Perish
Webmaster World
“Probably one of the most critical areas of building and managing a website is dealing with duplicate content. But it’s a complex issue with many elements making up the overall equation of what’s in and what’s out, what’s on site and what’s off site, what take precedence and what doesn’t, how one regional domain can/cannot co exist with another’s content, what % is same , etc etc and how the consequences are treated by Google…”

Google Apps for Your Domain
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Read more about Google’s latest application launch site owners, a set of hosted communications tools & applications for their users.”

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