GoogleGuy Says Becomes GoogleGuy Paraphrased

Perhaps the most famous Googler after cofounders Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Google CEO Eric Schmidt is GoogleGuy, the long-time poster who has provided advice and help on the forum.

GoogleGuy is indeed an actual Google employee, whose identity I can vouch for. His postings have been like gospel to the many lost souls looking for help about being listed with Google.

Unfortunately, his important utterances can be easily lost in the many long threads that can emerge about Google — and the forum site itself has offers no easy “at-a-glance” view of pronouncements. That resulted in Mark Carey beginning the GoogleGuy Says web site last year.

The idea was simple — reposting anything GoogleGuy said, so that others could easily spot it. But now after a complaint from GoogleGuy himself, Carey’s changing what he does. GoogleGuy posted:

By the way, to the dude who does that: please stop. When I want to start my own blog, I’ll do it. In the mean time, taking all my posts without asking me or asking Brett, then posting them with your own spin on it (which can be way off the mark)–it’s just rude.

Carey told me he began adding his own comments alongside GoogleGuy’s comments as a way to quell potential legal action for reposting the material. He now says he’ll continue to quote GoogleGuy, but not at length, paraphrasing some of the material.

Is that fair? It certainly seems so to me. Things that are said in a public space, be that a virtual forum or real life, are fair game, as one US Supreme Court justice just learned to his embarrassment.

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