MetaCrawler Top Search Terms: September 1998

MetaCrawler Top Search Terms:
September 1998

Below are the most active keywords searched for on go2net’s MetaCrawler, the web’s most-used metasearch tool. MetaCrawler searches AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, WebCrawler, and Yahoo simultaneously. The terms are provided by go2net. For further information, and for permission to use this information, please contact

(Note: MetaCrawler does not yet report search phrases. For example, the list will not show how many times people searched for “Lost In Space,” though individual words such as “lost” and “space” might appear apart from each other. The commentary below each chart makes some educated guesses at search terms that may have occurred.)

Top Gainers

The chart below shows the top 15 keywords which have risen the most on MetaCrawler from the previous month.


Top 15 Gainers – Sept. 1998
Term Rank Change
starr 31 +4682
georges 990 +4011
kenneth 511 +3417
indians 812 +1760
ken 399 +1334
halloween 743 +1178
congress 655 +1093
president 827 +970
ancient 651 +896
crawford 533 +753
native 910 +739
biography 826 +716
manson 701 +642
culture 917 +642
marilyn 903 +551
99 650 +518
math 857 +516
rainbow 918 +505
nfl 355 +503
korn 891 +500


The political scandal in Washington was on many people’s minds, with searches reflecting the Kenneth Starr report (Ken Starr report) and terms involving Congress and President Clinton.

Hurricane Georges blew into the top results, while seasonal interest in Halloween moved that term up as a gainer.

Sports fans were after NFL news and perhaps the Cleveland Indians.

Other areas of interest were ancient civilizations, native culture, the bands Marilyn Manson and Korn, possibly the game Madden 99, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six,

Top Losers

The chart below shows the top 15 keywords which have dropped the most on MetaCrawler from the previous month.


Top 15 Losers – Sept. 1998
Term Rank Change
camping 1862 -979
lords 1476 -512
parks 1363 -478
warzone 841 -460
cams 1282 -401
kombat 1217 -375
directx 1266 -350
mccarthy 1131 -341
mission 1142 -328
mortal 1066 -325
boats 1097 -312
cruise 1265 -306
rentals 1030 -264
fighter 1043 -259
rent 1040 -250
breakfast 1158 -249
nicole 1093 -245
genesis 960 -234
jenny 544 -204
sable 878 -201


With summer over, no one was much interested in camping in national parks anymore. Likewise, interest in bed and breakfast places, rentals, and perhaps boats for rent dropped.

On the software front, DirectX dropped in interest, as did the games WWF War Zone, Mortal Kombat, Mission Impossible, Street Fighter and interest in Sega Genesis. Web cams also dropped in interest.

Proving that fame is fleeting, TV star Jenny McCarthy dropped in popularity, as did Nicole and porn star Tracy Lords and the WWF’s Sable.

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