MetaCrawler Top Search Terms: October 1998

Below are the most active keywords searched for on go2net’s MetaCrawler, the web’s most-used metasearch tool. MetaCrawler searches AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, WebCrawler, and Yahoo simultaneously. The terms are provided by go2net. For further information, and for permission to use this information, please contact

(Note: MetaCrawler does not yet report search phrases. For example, the list will not show how many times people searched for “Lost In Space,” though individual words such as “lost” and “space” might appear apart from each other. The commentary below each chart makes some educated guesses at search terms that may have occurred.)

Top Gainers

The chart below shows the top 15 keywords which have risen the most on MetaCrawler from the previous month.


Top 15 Gainers – Oct. 1998
Term Rank Change
pumpkin 951 +4050
costumes 776 +1532
laura 224 +1256
netbus 761 +1118
nhl 704 +1014
pokemon 256 +1008
revolution 941 +840
christmas 549 +692
halloween 53 +690
build 918 +595
dr 675 +571
roman 922 +482
egypt 864 +434
dr. 255 +433
marijuana 907 +400


Upcoming holidays were on people’s minds in October: halloween, pumpkins, costumes and Christmas.

Meanwhile, political scandal was exchanged for celebrity scandal, as people sought information about Dr. Laura’s nude photos.

Top Losers

The chart below shows the top 15 keywords which have dropped the most on MetaCrawler from the previous month.


Top 15 Losers – Oct. 1998
Term Rank Change
georges 4477 -3487
kenneth 3787 -3276
starr 2107 -2076
ken 1865 -1466
lewinsky 1574 -1327
cnn 1994 -1273
hurricane 1309 -953
tennis 1292 -582
president 1371 -544
warzone 1381 -540
congress 1187 -532
monica 621 -451
open 999 -406
upskirt 1354 -400
crawford 887 -354


Storms both physical and political passed from the minds of searchers in October, as terms like Kenneth Starr / Ken Starr, Congress, President Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and Hurricane Georges all dropped in ranking.

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