MetaCrawler Top Search Terms: August 1998

MetaCrawler Top Search Terms: August 1998

Below are the most active keywords searched for on go2net’s MetaCrawler, the web’s most-used metasearch tool. MetaCrawler searches AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, WebCrawler, and Yahoo simultaneously. The terms are provided by go2net. For further information, and for permission to use this information, please contact

Top Gainers

The chart below shows the top 15 keywords which have risen the most on MetaCrawler from the previous month.

(Note: MetaCrawler does not yet report search phrases. For example, the list will not show how many times people searched for “Lost In Space,” though individual words such as “lost” and “space” might appear apart from each other. The commentary below the chart makes some educated guesses at popular search terms that may have occurred.)


Top 15 Gainers – Aug. 1998
Term Rank Change
bonnie 748 +4253
lewinsky 525 +4149
hurricane 394 +3802
clinton 289 +1377
nfl 858 +1308
cnn 918 +1038
monica 310 +944
warzone 381 +642
back 409 +430
1999 891 +411
lords 964 +383
cams 881 +274
zone 646 +268
east 898 +247
football 117 +196
industrial 973 +184
directx 916 +184
twain 987 +182
mission 814 +180
navy 855 +159


Storms both physical and political were on the minds of searchers in August. Hurricane Bonnie and the President ClintonMonica Lewinsky affair were among the new top terms. And perhaps to keep up with the news on both fronts, CNN was of new interest.

As for software, DirectX was of interest, as was the hacking program Back Orifice (Orifice doesn’t appear, as many people don’t know how to spell it. This dilutes the ability for it to appear among the top gainers).

Video gamers were looking for WWF War Zone, which is based on the TV series. NFL football, porn star Tracy Lords, country-western singer Shania Twain and probably the Dow Jones Industrial Average were also new topics of interest.

Top Losers

The chart below shows the top 15 keywords which have dropped the most on MetaCrawler from the previous month.


Top 15 Losers – Aug. 1998
Term Rank Change
cup 1215 -894
alyssa 1663 -805
our 1371 -635
milano 1184 -564
diaz 1254 -433
nudity 1374 -432
kombat 842 -399
summer 1226 -358
tour 632 -355
virgin 1324 -338
mortal 741 -328
cameron 1088 -306
camp 1050 -293
hanson 1267 -284
denise 1194 -255
camping 883 -255
tyler 1062 -238
open 798 -212
win98 1208 -209
lottery 773 -202


Actresses Cameron Diaz, Liv Tyler and Alyssa Milano all saw drops, now that their movies have been out for some time in the US.

Likewise, the release of Windows 98 (win98) is now old news, so of declining interest. Other decliners were the World Cup, Mortal Kombat, the Tour de France and the band Hanson.

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