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Upcoming Search Engine Strategies Events

Since Our Last SE Update:

Below is a recap of major articles from our daily SearchDay newsletter, SEW Experts columns, and important Search Engine Watch Blog postings since the last newsletter. Want to receive these stories daily or via RSS/feed? See the Search Engine Watch Newsletters & Web Feeds page for sign-up instructions.

Organic Search

=== SearchDay: June 6, 2007 ===

Distilling Universal Search

=== SearchDay: June 5, 2007 === Launches Major Updates

=== SearchDay: May 23, 2007 ===

Is Your SEO Strategy Global?

=== SEW Experts: June 12, 2007 ===

Web Site Architecture Structured for Success

=== SEW Experts: June 5, 2007 ===

Will Google’s FeedBurner Scorch Organic SEO?

=== SEW Experts: May 29, 2007 ===

Using a Corporate Blog for CRM

=== SEW Experts: May 22, 2007 ===

Blog Your Way to the Top

=== From the SEW Blog: ===

  • Top Three SEO Mistakes
    SiteLogic’s Matt Bailey has distilled the essence of SEO into three common mistakes many businesses make.
  • Mapping The Minds of Visitors Helps Categorizing, Keyword Development
    Bill Slawski, of SEO by the Sea, wrote an interesting article about mapping visitor intent to help develop effective categories and keywords for your marketing efforts.
  • Ask Launches Ask3D
    Following hot on the heels of the recent announcement by Google of its Universal Search, Ask has now released something with very similar attributes, but significant and interesting differences.
  • The Other Search Engine? is positioning itself as “the other search engine,” making a play to get users to think about Ask in addition to Google when they think of search.
  • Interview of Microsoft’s Satya Nadella at SMX Advanced
    Nadella leads the engineering team for Microsoft’s Search, Advertising, and Commerce platforms.
  • NY Times Goes Deep on Google
    An article in Sunday’s New York Times goes in-depth with Google’s Amit Singhal, one of the Google engineers on the search quality team primarily responsible for building, maintaining and tweaking its ranking algorithm.
  • The End of SEO, or a New Beginning?
    At SES Toronto this week, Google’s Universal Search, personalization, and the death of SEO were among the hot topics discussed.
  • Identifying a Google Penalty
    Often when a site loses its search rankings suddenly, a webmaster may not know the cause.

Paid Search

=== SearchDay: May 31, 2007 ===

In the Mix: Search in the Overall Marketing Mix

=== SearchDay: May 22, 2007 ===

What Does Universal Search Mean for SEM?

=== SEW Experts: June 11, 2007 ===

Five Tips for Hiring a Paid Search Agency

=== SEW Experts: June 4, 2007 ===

Setting Campaign Goals and Metrics for Success

=== SEW Experts: May 21, 2007 ===

Ego Bidding Gone Wild

=== From the SEW Blog: ===

Linking Issues & Social Media

=== SEW Experts: June 14, 2007 ===

Creating Link Bait With Hot Content and Promotions

=== SEW Experts: June 7, 2007 ===

Let’s Go Viral

=== SEW Experts: May 31, 2007 ===

Avoiding Low-Quality Links and Link Networks

=== SEW Experts: May 24, 2007 ===

Building the Love

=== From the SEW Blog: ===

Analytics & ROI

=== SEW Experts: June 13, 2007 ===

Priming Your Quality Score to Boost Campaign Results

=== SEW Experts: June 6, 2007 ===

Making the Case for Portfolio Based Bid Management Tools

=== SEW Experts: May 30, 2007 ===

A Look at Latency In Search Engine Ranking

=== SEW Experts: May 23, 2007 ===

Digging Deeper Into the Latest Release of Google Analytics

=== From the SEW Blog: ===

Local & Mobile Search

=== SearchDay: May 30, 2007 ===

Search to Go: Meeting the Needs of the Mobile User

=== SEW Experts: May 25, 2007 ===

Getting Hyper-Active in Local Search

=== From the SEW Blog: ===

  • Google Patent Details Mobile Search Plans
    A new patent application published today may reveal some of Google’s plans for mobile search.
  • on a Roll II
    Following its string of recent announcements, today unveiled a new mobile search product.
  • Google Adds Neighborhood Search
    Google has added a neighborhood search capability for 50 U.S. cities, catching up with sites like, Trulia and Yelp.
  • SpotRunner Dives Deeper into Local
    Yesterday, local video ad and distribution provider Spot Runner announced a deal with Lexis Nexus Martindale Hubbel. This gives the company closer access to local advertisers in the legal vertical by opening up a single point of entry to a broad base of private attorneys.
  • Google Picks Up Geo-locating Photo Service
    Google will acquire Panoramio, a Spanish community site that links photos with the geographic location at which they were taken.
  • Cable TV and Local Search
    Cable television providers are testing the waters of on-demand programming. The next step could be to integrate small business video advertising to on-demand menus.

Vertical & Specialty Search

=== SEW Experts: June 14, 2007 ===

The Business Case for Expanding B2B SEM

=== SEW Experts: June 8, 2007 ===

Balancing Video Quality and Search Optimization

=== SEW Experts: June 1, 2007 ===

The Local Video Revolution

=== From the SEW Blog: ===

Small Businesses & Big Brand SEM

=== SearchDay: June 13, 2007 ===

Laying the Foundation for In-House SEO Success in Large Organizations: Part I

=== SearchDay: June 14, 2007 ===

Laying the Foundation for In-House SEO Success in Large Organizations: Part II

=== SearchDay:May 24, 2007 ===

How Do B2B Buyers Search?

=== SEW Experts: June 12, 2007 ===

Redesigning Your Small Business Web Site

=== SEW Experts: June 5, 2007 ===

Leveraging Big Business Assets for Better SEO Visibility

=== SEW Experts: May 29, 2007 ===

Universal Search for Small Business: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Search Results

=== SEW Experts: May 22, 2007 ===

Convincing the Executive Team to Invest in SEO

=== From the SEW Blog: ===

  • How To Market A Website for $100
    Patrick Sexton interviewed some major players in the search space and asked them all how would they market their website if they only had $100.
  • Big Brands Shy Away from Social Media
    Many major brands shy away from social media environments because they can’t control them. This creates a great opportunity for smaller players to get high-level attention from the market.
  • New Rules of PR Podcast with Greg Jarboe
    One of the big shifts that Greg sees is that there is much more of an opportunity to use PR to talk directly to your end customers.

In-House & Outsourcing Issues

=== SearchDay: June 13, 2007 ===

Laying the Foundation for In-House SEO Success in Large Organizations: Part I

=== SearchDay: June 14, 2007 ===

Laying the Foundation for In-House SEO Success in Large Organizations: Part II

=== SEW Experts: June 15, 2007 ===

When the Honeymoon Ends, In-house

=== SEW Experts: June 1, 2007 ===

Nobody Likes to Hear Their Baby is Ugly

=== SEW Experts: June 8, 2007 ===

Predicting the ROI for Future SEO Efforts

=== SEW Experts: May 25, 2007 ===

Measuring ROI Can Be Difficult for SEO

SEM Industry Issues

=== SearchDay: June 7, 2007 ===

Measuring Search Marketers’ Job Performance

=== From the SEW Blog: ===

  • Search Still Leads Online Ad Spending
    According to the IAB, search advertising made up 40 percent of the $16.9 billion spent in the U.S. for online advertising last year.
  • What Should Do?
    An interesting discussion has begun on several blogs this week considering what should do to be successful.
  • Microsoft’s Berkowitz: Consider aQuantive Deal a Merger
    At a JP Morgan Technology conference Tuesday (link to webcast), Steve Berkowitz, Microsoft’s senior VP of online services, told investors that they should consider the company’s $6 million purchase of aQuantive as “more of a merger” than an acquisition.
  • “Microsoft Does Not Need Yahoo Anymore” MSN Strategist Claims
    With the purchase of aQuantive and its other advertising assets, Microsoft says it no longer needs to buy Yahoo to conquer the online advertising world.
  • Google Buying Feedburner?
    Sources have confirmed that Google is acquiring Feedburner for close to $100 million.
  • Google Is Big Brother
    The messages may be mixed, but the intent seems to be focused: “Total Global Domination.”
  • Will Ad Targeting Change?
    Now that the ad network/server companies are shifting around, we should make our online ad targeting dreams come true.
  • Who Said It…
    After major ownership changes have been announced in the online ad business, let’s try to match the players with these “unquoted reasons” for the moves.
  • News from SES China
    Several intrepid travelers made the trip to Xiamen for SES China last week.
  • Google is a Data Company
    Google’s core expertise is not as a search engine company, or an advertising company. Google is a data company.
  • FTC Looking at Google-DoubleClick Deal?
    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has opened a preliminary antitrust investigation into Google’s planned $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick
  • Kevin Ryan on the Future of Search Engine Strategies
    Kevin spoke with Rand Fishkin at SES Toronto, where he offered some insight into the direction SES may be heading, and shared with Rand Incisive’s plan to create an advisory board for the SES conferences.
  • IDC Predicts Beginning of End for Search Dominance
    According to a new report from research analysts at IDC, search is about to lose its dominance of the online ad market, to be overtaken by video and rich media ads by 2011.

Search Engines, Tools & Technology

=== SearchDay: Apr. 1, 2007 ===

Are Bid Management Tools Dead?

=== From the SEW Blog: ===

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