Holiday Season Link-Building

Attracting links for Christmas-related keywords is probably seems like a weird thing to do in August, but four months in advance is a regular timeframe to see Google ranking from your link-building effort in November and December. For those of you who didn’t do their Christmas link-building this summer, here are a couple of link bait ideas to help you catch up with the competition.

Christmas shopping creates extra demand for many types of products and many keyword combinations that peak during this season involve Christmas terminology. Many websites benefit from a huge holiday season traffic boost – just a few examples are greeting cards, clothing, toys, charity, dating, electronics, travel, and lotteries.

Christmas Editions

Creating a Christmas edition of your products or offering free extras during Christmas makes your site very linkable.

Charity Donations

Charity events, large donations, and special charity products attract links from the media, the charity organizations you aid, and many other involved websites.

Christmas Trends

Christmas shopping trends often lead to fun discoveries. Some of these are worth writing about. Offer your findings to various websites.


Christmas Tips

Help people create a great budget Christmas and many websites will link to you.

Don’t miss out on a great addition to your link profile. Your effort in 2014 will create the basis for your Christmas 2015 ranking. And next year, remember to start a bit earlier.

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