Improve Your AdWords Performance With These 3 Google Analytics Reports

In a recent Google Hangout, AdWords Hangout: Improve AdWords with Google Analytics Data, Googlers discussed three reports in Google Analytics and how they can be used to improve your PPC performance.

1. Location Report

Where to find this report: Audiences > Geo > Location

The locations report in Google Analytics provides valuable information about where site visitors are converting that can be used to optimize an AdWords account.

You will see the visitors by country first in a map then in a chart below. Clicking on the countries will drill down to further information like state and city.

Determine the highest converting locations, based on your goals (e.g., highest conversion rate or top revenue). Then add them to the AdWords campaign and increase the bid adjustment (e.g., +15% on top locations).

Locations Bid Adjustment

2. Devices Report

Where to find this report: Audiences > Mobile > Overview

This report will show you the devices people use when they visit your website. You will see the traffic from desktops, tablet, and mobile devices.

The overall report will show potential for improvements in AdWords. To see actual paid search traffic, click “choose a segment”, then select paid traffic. Use this data to make bid adjustments for devices and optimize mobile ad copy.

Paid Traffic Segment

3. Landing Pages Report

Where to find this report: Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages

The landing pages report will show the top trafficked pages on the site. This can present opportunities for expansion in AdWords.

Pages with very high bounce rates (e.g., above 80 percent) shouldn’t be used as landing pages for AdWords since they are showing low engagement with the site. Check the Adwords account to ensure they are not being used. On the other hand, pages with low bounce rates could be great candidates to expand into new content or product areas.


You can find a wealth of information in Google Analytics. Start with these three reports, then let us know what other reports you find most useful in the comments.

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