4 Types of Low-Cost Content Small Businesses Should Create


Small businesses face a big challenge: they must balance the need to market themselves with small marketing budgets. It’s crucial that they get the word out about their products and services, but they often have limited resources. Therefore, small businesses need ways to market themselves in ways that don’t break the bank.

One way small businesses can grow their brand is through content marketing through social media. They can create valuable content about their industry, services, and benefits and distribute it through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

When small businesses share great content in social media, they become a trusted resource and build brand recognition without having to spend too much money. So what kind of content should small businesses create?


Every small business should have a blog. A blog is a place where small businesses can write about their industry, new products and services, and interesting facts about their business.

Blogs give companies a voice and facilitate conversations with potential clients. They allow companies to publish information that gets noticed and establishes them as thought leaders in their industry.

Blog posts also boost SEO (search engine optimization). That means that when people search the web for information, they can find it on the company blog.

Blog content drives people to websites, which ultimately drives sales.

Blog posts are also great fodder for social media channels. Links to the latest company blog post should be shared through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media channels.


Ebooks are digital publications that people can read through the Internet. They establish credibility because they provide valuable knowledge and expertise to clients and sales prospects.

Additionally, ebooks generate leads. Every person that downloads an ebook is a new lead. Businesses exchange the valuable information in their eBook for an email address so they can follow up about their company’s products and services. Like blog posts,

Ebooks should be shared via social media channels so people download it and it gets noticed.

Slide Presentations

Slide presentations are easy-to-read content that is presented in the form of a slide show. Many businesses often have sales presentations, conference presentations, and educational content that can be published on their website and distributed on social media.

You can share slides on SlideShare, YouTube, Vimeo and other channels. Doing so will help companies promote themselves as industry experts.

Press Releases

Press releases are excellent ways to spread information, boost SEO, and establish credibility in the market. They contain information about new products and services, company growth, major customer announcements and more.

When companies write press releases and put them on newswires, they invite journalists, bloggers, and major publications to share their story. News releases are an integral part of any marketing strategy. They detail milestones of the company to the public and keep the business top of mind for journalists covering the industry.

Small businesses want to establish relationships with journalists so that they can be included in any stories about local business or industry news. Press releases alert journalists about what is going on in their coverage area. Additionally, press releases and published stories are great content to share on social media.


Social connectivity is the key to marketing small business online. When companies provide good content, they create relationships with consumers and establish themselves as the experts in their field.

Distributing that content on their social media channels helps them get the word out, provide value to their clients, and create buzz about their business.

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