Instagram Video: How Brands are Using Their 15 Seconds

instagram-logoWhen Instagram announced the platform was adding video in mid-June, it sent marketers and consumers into an exciting frenzy on the heels of the very popular Twitter app, Vine. What could Instagram offer that Vine hadn’t yet?

With more than 130 million active users, Instagram offers users more time for video content with up to 15 seconds (instead of Vine’s 6 seconds) and 13 special filters to enhance each video. It even has an image stabilization feature to even out the shakiest of hands when shooting footage.

The video component allows brands another visual opportunity to tell a story instead of just through cleverly crafted static images to engage consumers.

Instead of just a photo showing behind the scenes action of a company, brands can use video to interview the CEO or employees to showcase company culture from the inside, answer consumer questions in a weekly segment or even launch new products all through this platform.

How are companies using video feature in the platform? Here are a handful of noteworthy ways brands are using this new video feature:

Promoting New Products


Without going to the store, consumers can imagine what the Nike Free Flyknit would look and feel like on their foot by watching the model try on the shoe in at typical workout setting.


Anthropologie provides a first look at a new clothing collection on display at a New York store for followers to “virtually” shop through the Archival Collection.

Behind the Scenes


Burberry is known for its innovative use of infusing the digital experience with the shopping experience and offered followers a glimpse into the Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show in London.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni’s Ice Cream prepares her decadent ice creams in mouthwatering videos where consumers can see how their favorite flavors are made.

Releasing Movie Trailers


Studios are finding new ways to reach audiences and with the highly anticipated movie for “Jobs”, the film based on the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher, the studio created a specific trailer for the platform.

Announcing Nominees

MTV always seem to utilize new social platforms in groundbreaking ways during its live award shows and for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, they announced nominees via clever Instagram and Vine videos.

What other brands have you seen that are activating the new Instagram video feature in engaging and unique ways?

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