11 Ways Vivastream Can Enrich Your #SESNY Social Experience


Want to make sure you’re meeting the right people and attending the right sessions during SES New York? Meet Vivastream – the official social platform of SES Conference & Expo.

vivastream-register-doneVivastream is a free platform you can use on your PC, tablet, or mobile device.

To get started, simply visit Vivastream.com from your computer or tablet (be sure to also download Vivastream from your app marketplace) and register to create a profile.

You can register with an email address and password, or directly via your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. Speakers are pre-registered on Vivastream, so check your inbox for an email from Vivastream.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of Vivastream before, during, and after SES New York.

1. Complete Your Profile

Once you’ve verified your account, make sure you have a picture attached to your profile (who wants to meet with an orange avatar, anyway?).

Your picture can be pulled directly from your profile on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. You can also connect your these social network accounts to your Vivastream profile, and allow people to follow or connect with you directly from Vivastream.

vivastream-topic-details-ses-new-york-2013Click on the Settings link to upload your picture, edit/complete your profile and set your communication preferences.

2. Select Topics of Interest

Click on the Topics tab and you will find every topic related to the SES conference that you could ever think of. Even cocktails are listed here!

Anytime you click topics, you will see the hottest topics of interest by attendees for the event.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to simply select the topics that you are interested in or can help with (you can select both). This helps build your personal profile and creates a Who to Know ranking of the top 50 people that you should meet during the event. The more precise your selections are, the more relevant your Who to Know results will be.

3. Select Sessions You Plan to Attend

all-sessions-ses-new-york-2013You can select the sessions that you are attending in two ways:

  • Click on the Sessions tab.
  • Click on the Tracks tab and browse the sessions via our track listings.

Simply click on the sessions you are planning to attend and click attend. This will then be added to your profile and will also appear on your SES New York 2013 Feed.

Also within each session, you can see the attendees in the room and ask the speaker a question. Simply, post your comment or question within the enhanced session stream for everyone in the session to see.

4. Post a Comment or Say Hi!

The best way to let everyone know that you’re interested in connecting at SES New York is to say hello, share your thoughts, post a link, or ask a question in Vivastream’s enhanced event stream. See who’s contributing!

5. Connect With Exhibitors

Click on the Exhibitors tab and you will be presented with all of the SES New York exhibitors in alphabetical order. If on the web or tablet, you will be able to read a synopsis of each company and what they offer, in addition to finding their booth location and logo.

You will also be provided with at least one contact from that company who you can connect with on Vivastream for more information, or to arrange a time to meet up with those representatives.

6. Who to Know

This is one of the most unique and useful features that Vivastream offers. It’s a real-time listing of the top 50 like-minded marketing professionals and executives you should get to know at this year’s conference.

vivastream-who-to-know-ses-new-york-2013Each Who to Know ranking is specific for you. Vivastream is dynamically ranking the right people to know at the event based on your common interests and topics of expertise, so this may change as you continue to check into sessions and click topics you can help with.

The list is in order of importance – so #1 is the person who is most important for you to meet according to your profile selections.

7. People – Find, Connect, Message

When you click on the People tab from PC or tablet, you will see all attendees, with your Top 50 Who To Know attendees at the top. From the mobile app, you can filter your list so it presents people in the following categories:

  • All Attendees
  • Who to Know (this will be your personal list – see number 5, above)
  • Speakers
  • On Twitter
  • On LinkedIn

Before the event kicks off, you can send a message to fellow attendees on Vivastream, and connect with them via Twitter or LinkedIn. This is a great way to expand your network and connect with attendees at the event. Also, you can message anyone attending the SES New York event – so start networking now!

Finally, after SES New York is over, you can stay connected with the right people. Whether you want to follow up with a conversation you had during the ClickZ Academy Onsite Training, reconnect after meeting at the Networking and Special Events, or simply introduce yourself, click on your Inbox and Compose a message.

8. Real-Time Polls

Here is a function of Vivastream that should add a little spice to some of our sessions at SES.

Speakers will be polling attendees in their sessions either before or during the session around topics they will be covering. These could be multiple choice questions or a simple yes/no question where the results will be streamed in real-time allowing panelists to comment within the session.

Make sure you click that you are planning to Attend your selected Sessions, to personalize the agenda of Your Sessions on Vivastream, and you’ll be included in the related polls.

9. Check-Ins

In the Sessions section of Vivastream and during SES New York, you can Check-In to the various Sessions and activities taking place. Each time you Check-In, you will see who else in the room is there, and which of those folks are in your Who To Know list, so you can make those valuable connections.

Be sure to consistently check in as you attend the keynote to workshop, to luncheon, to panel, to reception… and to the after party!

10. Rate the Session

This brand new feature of Vivastream gives you the opportunity to rate the session from your mobile device immediately after it takes place!

You can rate the overall session provide feedback, as well as take the chance to rate each speaker from that session. You can even say whether you would recommend this session to a colleague so they can perhaps look up the slides if they weren’t able to attend that particular session.

11. Connect With the SES Management Team

If you visit the Homepage of SES New York you will be able to view the hosts of the event. Several members of the SES team are listed here, so if you would like to connect with one of us or ask a question you’ll see the relevant profiles there – we would be happy to hear from you!

See You In New York City!

That wraps up the list – if you follow all the steps above you will certainly enrich your experience with us at SES New York.

So what are you waiting for? Log into Vivastream.com and begin your social experience at the SES New York event now. I’ll see you there next week!

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