What the Brazil Butt Lift Can Teach Us About Personas

Ever heard the saying “you can’t please everyone”? Turns out, you actually can… at least when it comes to your landing pages.

In order to appeal to different buying modalities, you must first understand what they are looking for. And what they are looking for is influenced by how they think. Are your visitors more logical or emotional? Do they think fast or slow?

Regardless of who they are and how they behave, you can appeal to them by including certain elements on your pages. Before diving into these elements, let’s first identify the different temperaments in our universe of buyers so we can determine what they’re looking for.

I especially like following Bryan Eisenberg’s four temperaments from Always Be Testing:

  1. Competitive: Accomplishments
  2. Spontaneous: Action
  3. Humanistic: Relationship
  4. Methodical: Accuracy

BeachBody, most notably known for their P90X workout, does a great job of appealing to different personas on their ads and landing pages. Let’s start with their AdWords ad:


Because of ad character limitations, sitelink extensions are a great way to communicate more information and target your audience with various calls to action that might be more appealing to them. Here’s how this ad appeals to the four temperaments:

  1. Competitive: Get the Best Butt of your Life
  2. Spontaneous: Start Brazil Butt Lift Today
  3. Humanistic: Read the Reviews and Success Stories
  4. Methodical: 3 Low Payments of $19.95 and Proven TriAngle Training Method

This ad has done only 50 percent of the job by appealing to the different personas and making promises. Now it’s time to see if these promises are fulfilled on the landing page.


Based on the exercise we just did with the ad above, go through the landing page and see if you can pick out the different elements that appeal to the four personas we identified, then check against my list below:

1. Competitive

  • Get Supermodel Sexy in 60 Days – the competitive doesn’t just want to lose weight or get fit with this workout. They want to get sexy… supermodel sexy.
  • Free booty shorts if you send your before/after pictures – this is especially appealing to a competitive person because not only do they get to show their progress against others, they get rewarded for it as well.
  • YES! I WANT TO CHOOSE MY KIT the very assertive call to action answers the questions that go through the competitive’s mind. Do you want accomplishment? Do you want to be the best at this?

2. Spontaneous

  • Order Now – because the spontaneous is looking for action, having a repetitive call to action throughout the page helps remind them why they are there and what they should do. They tend to get distracted!
  • Get Supermodel Sexy in 60 Days – for the instant gratification seekers, adding a specified time frame helps set expectations and expedites immediate action.
  • Money Back Guarantee and other point of action assurances make the spontaneous feel more assured about making quick and emotional decisions.

3. Humanistic

  • Picture of the training pointing at YOU helps create an instant sense of “relationship,” which is what a humanistic is after.
  • Shape, lift and firm your booty with Leandro – again, emphasizing that the humanistic will have a relationship with the trainer who will guide them throughout the 60 days.
  • Reviews and ratings using a combination of stars and displaying how many other people have reviewed the product.
  • Lingerie model testimony and before/after pictures add a “human” aspect to the product and create a sense of belonging to a group of people the humanistic wants to identify with and be a part of.

4. Methodical

  • What makes Brazil Butt Lift so effective? The methodical is looking for the what, how and why. The more detail, the better.
  • Details about the different kits, presented in a comparison chart helps the methodical consume more information.
  • The science behind the TriAngle Method shows scientific detail and proof, which the methodical would be interested in reading.

So there you have it. A simple page that could, in fact, please everyone. Are you designing and optimizing your pages for different personas? If so, what other tips and tricks are you using? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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