Valentine’s Day 2013 PPC Tips

valentines-day-google-doodle-2012-3February 14th is just around the corner. That means it’s time to get your PPC campaigns in check for Valentine’s Day.

We’re no longer in 2012, and last year’s tips aren’t going to cut it! In this post you’ll learn some of the hottest keywords for you to bid on, what keywords people are searching on Google, and how to get ads that convert.

In 2011 there were an estimated 189 million roses produced for Valentine’s Day holiday. This equates to around $1.9 billion spent on roses. Not to mention the over 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards sent in the U.S.

But flowers and cards aren’t the only thing that people are searching for online. The top 10 products sold during Valentines Day are:

  • flowers
  • chocolates
  • lingerie
  • travel/short trips
  • jewelry
  • dating
  • cupcakes
  • dinners/meals
  • baskets
  • clipart

Launch Your Campaign Early

One of the biggest mistakes with Valentine’s Day campaigns is that they are launched way too late. A PPC campaign shouldn’t be launched the day before an event.

Campaigns take time to perfect. Campaigns take a while to figure out negative keywords. Launch them early and take time to let them mature.

Don’t Be Lazy


Do your research when you’re looking up Valentine’s Day keywords. When you’re creating special ads for Valentine’s Day, don’t be lazy and change the current ads you’re running.

Separate out your ad copy into different ad groups. By creating separate ad copy you’ll allow your campaigns to shine, it’ll take some extra time but will be worth it.

Here are 10 top searched keywords for Valentine’s Day for you to use in your ads and bid on:

  • valentines day meals
  • diy valentines gifts
  • valentines day border
  • valentines day drinks
  • valentines day baskets
  • valentines day treats
  • whens valentines day
  • valentines day gift
  • valentines day poem
  • valentines day cupcakes

Separate Landing Pages for Products

If you have specific products that are only sold on Valentine’s Day, make sure that you have separate landing pages designed for each one of the products. Remember the top keywords that you should be using in your landing pages and ads. Here are your top 10 keywords to use in your ads:

  • Sweetheart
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Personalized
  • Gift
  • Romantic
  • Unique
  • DIY
  • Love
  • Relationship
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Monitor & Adjust

You need to be watching your campaigns. Especially the time sensitive campaigns that you’re spending the big bucks on. Make sure that you’re putting in 20 minutes a day per $1,000 that you’re spending (my personal rule). If you’re spending more than $100K/day, you’ve got a lot of work to do!

Bottom line: you need to pay attention to your account. Make sure you’re writing new ads and testing at least two ads at the same time. I like to give 100 clicks to an ad to give it a good test. This isn’t always the case, maybe you’ll only get 10 clicks and you’ll know. Just make sure you’re always testing everything out. You want to make the best out of your accounts.

Don’t Forget Mobile

If you haven’t been paying attention to mobile you should. Restaurants HAVE to be bidding on Valentine’s Day related searches. According to Google, 62 percent of all Valentine’s Day restaurant searches are conducted on mobile phones. This means if you aren’t bidding on mobile you’re losing out of 62 percent of all traffic out there.

What other great Valentine’s Day PPC tips would you recommend?

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