3 Holiday PPC Tips for Ecommerce Advertisers With Thousands of Products

PPC is a bit complicated to start, but when you add in having (tens of) thousands of products, each with a different price and margin, and multiple categories, life can get complicated indeed.

Here are three opportunities for e-tailers, that if you are quick, you can implement before the holidays. 

1. Target CPAs – Individual Product Targets

Many people look at the CPA or ROAS of the account overall. However, you’re really looking for that number on the campaign, ad group, ad and keyword level.

A simple way to do this is to put the target CPAs at the ad group level. While this takes a bit of time initially, your reporting and optimization is made quite a bit easier, as you can think just about bid optimization and ROI at the keyword ad level, without running too much math.

Expert Tip: Create reporting at the ad group level to get a fairly detailed understanding of what is and isn’t performing. By using a “right” calculation in Excel, you can grab the cost from the end of the ad group name and put it into a separate report.

2. Create Targeted Campaigns for Long-Tail Product Names (use Pricing in Headlines)

Many people will send all of the traffic to their category page, as they have a ton of keywords. Another approach is to send the very specific long-tail searchers directly to the product page that they are searching for. You can do this by building out campaigns from your product feed into individual ad groups in an account.


This looks a bit complicated, but as you start dynamically concatenating this information in Excel, it will become a bit easier. Also, remember that you may need to clean up the datafeed in order to make this a clean import.

This can often result in some great ad copy that includes prices for all of your products, delivered to searchers that are down to the last part of the sales funnel – where they are just researching price.

3. Match Keywords With Product Landing Pages vs. Category Landing Pages

In tandem with the above post, depending on your site, sending a visitor to a far too targeted landing page, where they are trying to research different products, will also lose you a potential customer. So, it’s important to look at the landing page conversion rates and identify if you’re sending the customer to the best page for their query.

These three tips can help increase the performance of your campaigns, just in time to ride the holiday wave!

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