Killer Landing Pages: 3 Examples of Landing Pages that Convert

Your goal is to optimize landing pages for customer experience and business conversion success. To learn how to do this (in addition to reading ) it helps to look at some landing pages that illustrate “greatness.”

As a quick refresher, “7 Tips for Landing Page Greatness” outlines the criteria for landing page success:

  1. Have a Clear and Emphasized Call to Action
  2. Align Your On-Page Message and Call-to-Action With Your Off-Page Promise
  3. Simplify Design and Reduce Text
  4. Use Images Judiciously
  5. Show Brand Validation
  6. Enable Sharing and Highlight Social Validation
  7. Test, Test, Test

Let’s look at three landing pages doing it right. In the spirit of always testing and the belief that landing pages can always be optimized, we will include additional tips for how these landing pages can be tested to ensure that the best possible version is created.

Content Rules

Content Rules, a global content developer, created a landing page to syndicate and share their new eBook.


Type: Lead gen

What they are doing right:

  • Design: The design of the landing page is simplified using bullets and only a few font variations with cues in the form header to direct attention to the call to action.
  • Images: The landing page uses images thoughtfully, including a preview thumbnail of the ebook so visitors know what they will be receiving when they fill out the form.
  • Brand validation: By including the client logos below the fold, Content Rules increases trust by association.

What they could test:

  • Headline: Rewrite the headline as a benefit statement rather than a call to action. The headline should entice a visitor to to learn more about the offer before making a call to action.
  • Social sharing: Include social sharing features to allow readers to share the content with their friends and associates.

ALM Real Estate Media Group

ALM Real Estate Media Group, the leading provider of commercial real estate news, uses a landing page to collect newsletter subscribers for their RealShare conference series.


Type: Lead gen/registration

What they are doing right:

  • Social login: Social sign-in simplifies logins for the end user and typically increases conversion rates.

What they could test:

  • Content: Reduce text on the page to cut the noise and focus attention on the call to action.
  • Design: Create a simpler and cleaner layout of the content with a reduced number of colors and text sections on the page.

Windows Intune

Microsoft Windows Intune, a cloud computing service for PC and Windows Security Management, uses landing pages to convert visitors to Free Trial subscribers.


Type: Lead gen/registration

What they are doing right:

  • Testimonial: The testimonial shows authenticity to the support rest of the content.
  • Single purpose and focused message: The content is focused on benefits and features and uses clear, positive language.
  • Consistent branding: This landing page has the same look and feel as the rest of the website. It doesn’t seem like a separate entity or marketing afterthought.

What they could test:

  • Call to action: Instead of the link to complete the call to action they could include a form on the page to reduce the number of barriers to sign up.

There you have it, three examples of landing pages that can be optimized for customer experience and business conversion success. If you can apply their best practices, and the seven tips for landing page greatness, you’ll be well on your way to “landing” your next big customer using your landing pages.

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