Facebook Insights: 6 Areas You Need to Monitor for Effective Messaging

Facebook is a great platform for communicating with existing customers, marketing to potential customers, and showing the great things that set your brand apart from the rest. But how do you know if your Facebook messaging is actually effective?


Facebook Insights has proved to be my favorite part about Facebook because, on a granular level, useful information can be gleaned to help improve the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing. Additionally, Page Admins able to view trends over time.

Take, for instance, the Interactions details, located in the Page Overview section of Facebook Insights. Individual post impressions and feedback, page activity, post views, and post feedback are all monitored. Change the date range to include months, weeks, or simply days worth of activity.

Here are six things you should be consistently monitoring.

1. Spikes in Impressions and Feedback


What caused spikes in impressions and feedback? Consistent themes in messaging strategies may cause more or less feedback.

Look for trends and communicate with your social media team to monitor these events. Even finding patterns in days of the week, times of day, as well as types of messaging can help you target for increased effectiveness.

2. Spikes in Comments

What caused an increase in engagement? Again, patterns may arise in your examination of the data.

Were comments tied to a particular day? Type of message? Event? Determine the cause and attempt to replicate for added impact.

3. Spikes in Unsubscribes

Certainly, the last thing you want to do is cause users to the un-Like button. Any brand on Facebook will see an ebb and flow with regards to fan counts, but if you aren’t looking at the raw data in Facebook Insights you’re missing out.

What types of messaging may have caused the dis-Like? Was it over messaging or maybe even under messaging? These inferences can be made by looking at spikes in unsubscribes.

4. Spikes in Likes

What may have attributed to a message receiving more Likes than others? Was it the type of message, time of day, or maybe you just asked for a Like? Many things can contribute to a spike in Likes. Instead of speculating, look at the data to confirm your speculation.

5. New Likes & External Referrers

Another great part of Facebook Insights is the Users section. See a breakdown of daily active users, new likes, demographic data, external referrers, and more. Again, date ranges can be changed to find trends or see specific instances of spikes.

How are you getting fans? Where are they coming from? Examination of the new Likes section and external referrers section in Facebook Insights can tell you. Sure, just because someone comes to your page from an external location doesn’t mean they’ll Like your page, but they just might.


Promoting your Facebook page on other platforms can drive traffic to your page. The image above shows traffic was driven from bookmarking sites and other social networks, as well as through e-mail. Monitor the amounts and determine whether the time spent off Facebook promoting the page is worth it.

6. Demographics

Cater your messaging strategy based on the location of your fans. Are most of your fans overseas, concentrated in one specific city? Do they speak a different language? You’ll never know unless you look at this part of Facebook Insights.

Take it a step further and use this information to cater your messaging to your audience. Choose your audience, as indicated below, to make one particular message visible to a subsection of your fans.



These are just a few of the data points available for scrutiny in Facebook Insights. Consistently monitoring, evaluating, and drawing conclusions from this data is essential for a successful Facebook marketing plan.

Trends should be noticed and monitored. Try not to jump to conclusions without substantial proof, however. Monitor, make changes, and continue to monitor. Your client will thank you for it!

Do you use Facebook Insights to analyze your messaging strategies effectiveness on Facebook?

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