SEO Training: Live and In-Person

Many of you have taken courses where you’re one out of 100 or more people in attendance. Skip class and no one would hardly know you were gone.

Contrast that to a class where you’re only one of 10 people. Would you say your chances of learning more increased?

Of course. A smaller group lends itself to a more customized learning experience. You’re open to ask more questions and get answers specific to you. That’s the major benefit of a classroom style of learning.

As I’ve mentioned previously, you’re not free to work at your own pace in a classroom. Also, you may need to travel. In addition to classroom fees, you’ll also need to factor in travel-related expenses. And in most cases, you can’t wear your pajamas.

You’ll likely find the extra expense and minor inconvenience pays off in personal SEO (define) classroom training courses.

Search Engine Strategies Training Workshops

Search Engine Strategies offers a training program at every show. In addition, SEM (define) training is offered in select cities such as Denver.

SES workshops led by industry experts cover a range of in-depth SEM topics. If you’ve already made the commitment to attend an SES event, then staying an extra day or two isn’t going to cost you much more. Besides, you probably have many questions after attending the conference. You’re in the right mindset for some personalized training. Plus, you can take answers back to the office with you. Full day registration is $1,345 and half day registration is $745.

SEW members receive a discount to all SES conferences.

Bruce Clay Training

Bruce Clay’s SEO ToolSet offers a three-day, monthly course in Simi Valley, California, and also offers training in their international offices. This in-depth SEO course also comes with a three-month subscription offer to their proprietary SEO tool called SEOToolset. They offer a certification course for this tool, but you must take the SEO course as a prerequisite. The tuition for their standard training classes is $1,795 per student. In addition to SEO training, they have workshops on PPC (define) advertising.

High Rankings Training

Over at High Rankings, they take personalized to a new level. They hold monthly, one-day courses with only six participants. On top of that, they review the participants’ Web sites in advance and customize the agenda around the needs of the group. Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings, is the instructor for these beginner-to-intermediate SEO-only classes. The cost is $749 for the day. Even though this course is held in Framingham, Massachusetts, people travel from around the country to participate.

Search Engine Workshops

Search Engine Workshops offers two-day, three-day, and five-day SEO training programs conducted by Robin Nobles and John Alexander. Their five-day workshop is priced at $2,495 and includes a six-month mentoring program. This program gives you access to Alexander for one hour per month after you’ve completed the course.

Like more localized attention? Search Engine Workshops provide their two-day, three-day and five-day courses through Search Engine Academy by certified instructors.

SEO Research Labs Training

Similar to the mentoring program at Search Engine Workshops, Dan Thies offers training and one-on-one coaching at SEO Research Labs. Thies offers two one-on-one phone calls per month. You can also access his private training Web site for $495.

If the idea of customized, personalized training appeals to you then these are some great choices. If you feel you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, then take a peek at my previous column about online training for SEO.

What other training courses have you benefited from? Let me know and maybe we’ll feature them in an upcoming column.

Join us for SES New York March 17-20 and for training classes March 21.

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