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The latest stories about online video, including guides for using web videos to promote and sell your products.

  1. Let the Instagram vs. Vine Video Battle Begin!

    Within 8 hours of launching Video on Instagram, more than a year's worth of footage was shared. Meanwhile, the number of tweets containing a 6-second looping video from Vine has almost doubled in just two months, according to new Unruly Media data.

  2. AOL Jumps to 3rd Place in Online Video Content Ranking

    According to new data from the comScore Video Metrix service, 182 million Americans watched nearly 41 billion online content videos in May 2013. That's up from 181.9 million Americans, who watched 38.8 billion online content videos in April 2013.

  3. 7 Great Sites To Learn Online Video Skills

    Summary: If you know little or nothing about video production, where do you start and how difficult is it likely to be? Let's take a quick look at seven useful video sites that can really help – and even have you making animated videos in hours.

  4. How to Use Twitter's Vine App

    Whether you use Twitter's Vine app to take customers behind the scenes of your brand, demonstrate new products/services, run competitions, or simply share things with your fans, consider these tips before activating your strategy.

  5. Yahoo Wants to Buy Hulu

    Yahoo is reportedly looking to buy video-streaming service Hulu. And it isn't alone. Yahoo has submitted a bid in the range of $600 million to $800 million on Hulu, which has been holding a secret auction to sell itself, according to reports.

  6. BuzzFeed & CNN Hook Up for YouTube Channel

    Capitalizing on what appears to be unquenchable demand for video content, BuzzFeed has announced plans to beef up efforts to create more viral video content, with the creation of a social video lab and a content deal with

  7. How to Start YouTube Advertising in 9 Steps

    Online video is huge and video viewing doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. If you're ready to advertise on YouTube for the first time – with one of those ads that pop up before you watch a video – then this basics guide is for you.

  8. Google Defeated in Russian YouTube Censorship Case

    A video flagged as illegal on YouTube by Russian governing bodies and taken down by Google was appealed in court, citing the censorship was unjust. Google was defeated. A Moscow court has ruled that the video will remain censored under the law.

  9. YouTube Maps Video Trends

    YouTube's new Trends Map will be a valuable tool for marketers who want to keep up on trends and shares, especially when wanting to look at specific gender or age demographics, as well as what is popular in different regions and cities.