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  1. Social Video ROI: Relationships That Convert

    Social video is most apt to be successful for your business when you stop thinking about "going viral" and really focus on being useful. Here's how to measure engagement metrics against pre-set performance goals so you see a tangible ROI.

  2. Google Overhauls YouTube Comments Using Google+

    YouTube comments that are more relevant will move to the top of the comments list instead of the most recent. Google said this means that comments from people you care about will rise so you can see them and there will be no more anonymous comments.

  3. Google Brings TrueView Video Ads to Online Games

    Google is bringing skippable video ads to online games. Calling TrueView ads among its most successful, Google is now supporting the in-stream ads for game publishers on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, AdSense for games, and select publishers on AdMob.

  4. Play 'Missile Command' Game on YouTube

    In case you missed it, as part of Geek Week, YouTube added a fun Easter egg that lets you play the classic "Missile Command" Atari video game. To trigger it, play any video, click on white space, type in "1980", and your game will load.

  5. YouTube Dedicates a Week to Geek Culture

    YouTube Geek Week will take place August 4-10, and will include talent from some of YouTube’s popular channels such as Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry. The celebration will be broken down by themed days in an effort to cater to niche audiences.