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The latest stories about online video, including guides for using web videos to promote and sell your products.

  1. Top 20 Most Shared Video Ads of 2013

    Dove Beauty Sketches, created by agency Ogilvy Mather for the Unilever personal care brand, tops the 2013 Top 20 Global Social Video Ads Chart – an annual ranking of the year's most socially-shared video ads – which was released today by Unruly.

  2. 8 Video Types to Add to Your Content Marketing

    With so many different ways to incorporate video into your content marketing, there's no excuse not to. Here are eight video production types and how they can be used to increase awareness, build lead generation, and establish trust with customers.

  3. 5 YouTube Video Optimization Tips

    With 100 hours of content uploaded every minute to YouTube, gaining a high number of video views isn't easy. But it's not impossible with the right plan. Here are a few optimization steps you can take to help your video get found, viewed and shared.

  4. Google Helpouts: Pay For Expert Advice By Video

    Google Helpouts is the latest offering from the company, which is similar to a video format of a Q&A site, except you get to ask the questions, have an expert answer them, and pay for the privilege. It is all done live over video.

  5. Social Video ROI: Relationships That Convert

    Social video is most apt to be successful for your business when you stop thinking about "going viral" and really focus on being useful. Here's how to measure engagement metrics against pre-set performance goals so you see a tangible ROI.

  6. Google Overhauls YouTube Comments Using Google+

    YouTube comments that are more relevant will move to the top of the comments list instead of the most recent. Google said this means that comments from people you care about will rise so you can see them and there will be no more anonymous comments.