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  1. Third Time Lucky? Bing Brings Back Search Rewards

    The most noteworthy reward in the program is Microsoft Points, which can be used on Xbox Live and Zune, and so offers the merest hint that a virtual goods strategy could be in the pipeline. Bing is bringing back a reward programs, despite recently...

  2. Microsoft to Launch "Live Search Cashback"

    A completed gives earns tickets toward prizes, such as Zune accessories, song downloads and ringtones. The major Microsoft Live Search announcement scheduled for tomorrow will be the official launch of a new product: Microsoft Live Search Cash Back.

  3. Microsoft Prefers Flash to Silverlight

    A quick check through Microsoft properties reveals that only the Microsoft Home Page and the Microsoft Developer Network use Silverlight; MSN Video, and the new WWTelescope all use Flash. Despite all the controversy over Microsoft using...

  4. Seth Godin Interview

    He thinks they have been investing in the wrong places, spending $150M on projects like Zune, and $250M chasing Google. Latest in my interview series is a chat with Seth Godin about Squidoo, and about the challenges facing Google, Yahoo, and...