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Zdnet Afghanistan

  1. 12 Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers

    Afghanpedia Extensive information about Afghanistan, including research papers, articles, general reference resources, and more, including a history of the country from the 3rd century to the present.

  2. Deleted "Sensitive" Information Still Available via Google

    Afghanistan, on 50 Websites a Day. Internet hums after Afghanistan strikes. ZDNet Oct 8 2001 8:34AM GMT ZDNet Oct 8 2001 8:34AM GMT A Washington Post story reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention removed a "Report on...

  3. The Search Engine Report, November 5, 2001, Number 60

    Some protestors in Pakistan against the bombings in Afghanistan were holding posters with images of Osama bin Laden -- and one of those images showed him sitting alongside Sesame Street's Bert. Web search error adds Muppet to Bin Laden cause ZDNet...