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  1. The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search offers some insight into top trending hashtags on Twitter, however advanced analytics require a monthly fee. One of the most effective tools to view the life of a hashtag through links, tweets, photos, videos and people (influencers...

  2. Online Video Trends in 2011: From YouTube Mobile to Major Redesign

    YouTube Analytics Replaces YouTube Insight YouTube Analytics replaced YouTube Insight. YouTube Promoted Videos Program Tops 1 Billion Views And YouTube started referring to Promoted Videos as TrueView in-search and TrueView in-display ads as of...

  3. SearchDay | Increase Online Visibility for Sales and Links

    Matthew Liu Discusses YouTube Insight and Sponsored Videos Posted by Greg Jarboe Apr 2, 2009 At SES New York last week, one of the speakers at the conference session, "Video Search Engine Optimization: 2009 & Beyond," was Matthew Liu, the the lead...

  4. SearchDay | In Tough Economic Times, Whither Search?

    YouTube Insight Now Shows Which Part of Videos are Hottest Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 1, 2008 YouTube has introduced a new feature to its Insight analytics. YouTube says that the information can help users edit or annotate their videos in .