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Youtube Debates

  1. Holy Google+ Hangout Features Dalai Lama, Archbishop Tutu

    President Obama successfully used Facebook for a virtual Town Hall meeting earlier this year, while before that there were even major political debates hosted online. YouTube just launched a new Politics channel – no doubt the power of social and...

  2. Rahm Emanuel YouTube Video Announces "Tell It Like It Is" Tour

    The report also found that 39 percent of online Americans had used the Internet to access "unfiltered" campaign materials, which included video of candidate debates, speeches, and announcements as well as position papers and speech transcripts.

  3. Search & Social Media in the Dutch Elections, Part 1: Twitter

    Maybe the parties will have to change their gears when they join a new element: the Twitter debates. We'll look at Twitter, YouTube, search, and other elements. Where politicians used to live their own lives and only communicated with voters during...

  4. UK Election 2010: Lessons Learned from Watching First Social Media Battle of Britain

    The "air campaign" in UK Election 2010 was fought during the three leaders' debates, each in primetime. The American-style televised debates -- and another Yankee innovation, instant "dial groups" -- turned British traditions upside-down and inside...

  5. UK Election 2010: For Want of a Nail, the Shoe was Lost

    That's a fair question, considering the measurable impact that the televised debates among the leaders of the Labor Party, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats have had on the polls leading up to the May 6 election.

  6. UK Election 2010: What's So Bad About a Hung Parliament?

    First, the Brits staged televised debates among the leaders of the three parties. If you compare how many Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and YouTube views each of the three parties had a week ago on Sunday, April 18, and how many they had...

  7. SearchDay | There's No Shortcut to Good SEO

    Dec 30, 2008 Okay am looking for opinions on this one.and debates over them. YouTube-fueled Google sites saw almost the same number of visitors as they did in October, which saw 100 million unique visitors.

  8. Keynote speakers posted for Search Engine Strategies Chicago

    This cycle's YouTube debates were a milestone for Internet participation in presidential debates,” the letter said. The top 25 questions would have the potential of getting asked during the debates. The keynote speakers for Search Engine Strategies...