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  1. Offers Visual Fashion Search

    Image search company Riya has applied its matching technology to a new fashion shopping site called Like. Riya's received lots of attention over the past year for its technology, but it's notable that so far, the company doesn't seem to have had...

  2. More than Organizing Photos? Google Acquires Neven Vision

    While I was digging through the patents, a discussion started up at Google Blogoscoped on the purchase, and the news spread to GigaOm in Google Buys Photo Recognition Company, which both mention previous attempts by Google to purchase Riya...

  3. Google/Riya Acquisition Update

    On Thursday, we posted about a rumor that Riya, an image search company that utilizes face/image recognition technology was about to be acquired by Google. At the moment, the Riya web site is online but all of the content has been removed.