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  1. 50 Most Memorable Moments in Search for 2008

    Yahoo would expand its board, adding Icahn to the table. Board Investor Carl Icahn wasn't happy with Yahoo's rejection of Microsoft's generous offer, so he threatened a hostile takeover of his own for the annual shareholders meeting.

  2. Yahoo's Next Move

    Yahoo was arguably swirling the bowl before Yang took on the CEO role, and mark my words: a panicked board installing a doormat leader will have Yahoo stock trading by the penny in no time flat. Sure, we can second-guess the Microsoft acquisition...

  3. Yahoo's Latest Letter to Shareholders: We'll Sell for $33 Per Share

    But he didn't do enough due diligence to determine what your Board already knew: that it was Microsoft's decision to walk away and that it had rebuffed repeated efforts by your independent directors to get a whole company acquisition back on the...

  4. SearchDay: SERP Position: It Ain't Horseshoes

    Just over a year after its last reorganization, MIVA has headed back to the drawing board in the hopes of revising the struggling digital ad company. Google Maps Inks 5 Year Deal with Tele Atlas Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 30, 2008 Google Maps...

  5. Yahoo Sends Shareholders Letter About Google, Microsoft

    Your board and management, after thorough and deliberate negotiations and evaluation, separately concluded on its own that the alternative hybrid deal proposed by Microsoft was, indeed, not in the best interests of the Company or its stockholders.

  6. SearchDay: SEO Issues with Global Expansion

    Former Search Technologist and Yahoo Investor Mark Nelson Supports Icahn Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 16, 2008 Even though Carl Icahn has said the Yahoo-Google deal might have merit, former search technologist Mark Nelson has announced his...

  7. Yahoo! AMP! plus Full Text: Yahoo Proxy Statement

    At all times, our board and management have made clear that they have been open to entering into any transaction, including a sale to Microsoft if it valued the company fairly and offered our stockholders certainty that they would receive that...

  8. SearchDay: Delving into SearchMonkey

    Yahoo Confirms Icahn Proxy FightPosted by Kevin NewcombBillionaire investor Carl Icahn has initiated a proxy fight via an open letter to Yahoo's board of directors notifying them of his intention to replace the existing board with his own slate of...

  9. Yahoo Responds To Icahn

    Following that meeting we also provided to Microsoft a list of key non-price deal terms that our board believed were critical items to be addressed in a deal to provide reasonable protections for our stockholders.