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  1. Don't be a Local-Yokel - Enhance Your Local Business Listings

    With the increased awareness of Local Search in today's online marketplace, small business owners and Web site operators must be aware of how important it is to display correct information online. Part of establishing yourself in the local sphere...

  2. The Search Engine Report - Number 118

    Local Shopping' Competition Intensifying - Yokel announced expanded local store and inventory information in the San Francisco Bay Area. Upcoming Search Engine Strategies Events + Top Stories + More From The Search Engine Watch Blog + Our Search...

  3. NearbyNow Brings New 'Inventory' To Local Search

    Yet real-time inventory information has so far been elusive for most shopping sites – even those that offer local information, including ShopLocal, Yokel, Froogle, CNET and Become. The "holy grail" of online shopping is local inventory information.

  4. Daily SearchCast, May 10, 2006: Yahoo Livesearch: Answers Before You Finish Typing!; Yahoo & Google Seek IE7 Users; Will It Be Google Rather Than Vegemite Sandwich? & More! (Corrected File)

    Yokel Yokel today announced the beta release of it's local shopping search engine. Yokel is run by Scott Randall, former CEO of FairMarket, and Don Zeresky, former Yokel is set up to solve this problem.