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  1. Social Customer Service Secrets to Avoid Negative Search Results

    We check Yelp before entering any restaurant — what did people like and how was the service? This will make customer feel heard and diffuse a situation from the potentially viral social airwaves; ultimately avoiding bad reviews on outlets such as...

  2. How Google Pigeon Impacted Local Queries, and What You Can Do

    And while the latest local algorithm update fixes the problem for Yelp, many businesses have experienced a loss from Pigeon. Early reports showed consistent feedback that specific queries and sectors had been impacted, like real estate, and that...

  3. Yelp Trends Reveals What's Hot or Not Locally, But Beware of Unreliable Data

    Yelp is turning 10 years old, and has announced it has accumulated 57 million reviews filled to the brim with colloquialisms and verbal memes. Instead, Yelp Trends will help you identify when something is in decline or demand in your local area.

  4. Invisible Matt Cutts Explains Why It's Important to Have a Website

    While the video is humorous, it does highlight a serious problem: that many businesses don’t have any kind of website whatsoever, and instead rely on third-party sources, such as Yelp or other local results, to get their information to potential...