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  1. How Local Small Businesses are Evolving Their Online Marketing Strategies

    There used to be this thing called the Yellow Pages, and if you had the right spot and the right-sized ad, you’d get calls. Hanging onto the Yellow Pages Steven Kesten, an employment lawyer from Marin County, Calif.does a combination of advertising...

  2. SearchDay | The End of the Beginning

    Local Search 101, Part 1 SEW EXPERTS: SEM 101 Are you looking to venture beyond the printed yellow pages? As the economy opens the door of opportunity for many people who have lost their jobs, more small businesses are turning to local search.

  3. Universal Thoughts on Local Search

    Ask your local print yellow pages directory to match those numbers! Continue to surf and search as you normally do, but keep in mind the wealth of information out there on local businesses for you to use to your advantage when searching.

  4. The Local Advertiser of Today and Tomorrow

    In the 1960s, for example, consumers had limited choices in media with such things as newspapers, broadcast TV, and the print yellow pages. MP3 players, the Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs), mobile Internet, and others are now vying for your potential...

  5. SearchDay: What's on your Mind?

    Anything that you'd traditionally look for in the print yellow pages becomes a local search on the Internet. And it's largely ignored by landing page testers, leading visitors to respond to incoherent pages with a variety of gut reactions, and none...

  6. SearchDay: Microsoft to Give Cash Back to Searchers

    Yellow Pages and Search» SEARCHING FOR MEANING: Industry oversight, insight, and best practicesYellow pages directories and search engines are hopelessly intertwined as directories feed search queries and search queries feed directories.