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Year In Review Roller

  1. Revisiting My 2008 Search Predictions

    After the roller coaster of a year SEO has had, there's room for a little of both. Before we take a look at what's coming down the line next year, I want to take a moment to review my predictions for 2008.

  2. How Overture (GoTo) Works

    New Hot Roller Shoes only $49.95 (Cost to advertiser: $0.71) In addition, if you bid on a term, then delete it, then bid on it again, a relevancy review will again occur. Please review them to find out about any new developments.

  3. Researching Search Terms With WordTracker

    When done with all your selections, you can then move onto the Step 3 window to see a ranked list of all the terms in your shopping cart, like this: running shoes - 3170 sneakers - 1642 discount running shoes - 544 roller sneakers - 162 trail...