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Yang Terry Semel

  1. Yahoo's Next Move

    Say what you will about Terry Semel, but he had the chops to get people going. Jerry's Yang's announced departure from the helm at Yahoo has inspired quite a bit more speculation than the last round of search-inspired hijinks.

  2. Paid Search Advertising Drives Microsoft Bid for Yahoo

    Terry Semel's resignation from the Yahoo board last night removes the last vestiges of his controversial reign as Yahoo's chief. The Redmond giant finally went public with a formal buyout offer because the Yahoo board (sans Semel) won't fight back.

  3. Yahoo Q2 Post Slight Decline, Yang To "Put Back On Winning Path"

    This is the first financial report since the resignation of CEO Terry Semel last month and co-founder Jerry Yang took ovcer as his replacement. Despite posting a slight decline from last year's numbers in their Q2 report yesterday, Yahoo CEO Jerry...

  4. Yahoo's Yang and Semel Going On the Road

    The beginning of March will be busy for Terry Semel and Jerry Yang - they are going on the talk circuit as it were. Terry Semel, Chairman and CEO Jerry Yang, Co-Founder and Chief Yahoo A press release I received today highlights two stops these...