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  1. PPC & Mobile Marketing Tips from Q1 2012 Industry Analysts

    Barnette advises marketers, especially in retail and travel, “.should invest in developing mobile and tablet search strategies that include sufficient testing so they can learn how to best utilize these growing channels to reach their campaign goals.

  2. SearchDay | Universal Search Should Be a Plus

    After all, aren't conversions, ROI, data, analytics and landing page testing/optimization the name of the day? Tips for Travel Search Marketing in a Down Economy VERTICAL SEARCH Speculation has been rampant about how the travel industry will...

  3. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 24-28, 2008

    Analytics & ROI SEW Experts: What Matters Most to Travel Search Marketers in 2008? Google Launches YouTube Insight - Google Analytics LiteToday Google video search engine YouTube launched a free Web analytics tool.