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  1. Dissecting Moz's 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors

    I've heard some say that Toolbar PageRank would have been a better choice than MozRank. Whether other formats were considered is unclear, but I would think that since Google, Bing, and Yahoo all recognize RDF markup, it should be included, even if...

  2. 7 Google Projects Shut Down in the Page Era (The Google Friends Newsletter is the Latest)

    The Firefox Toolbar The Google Toolbar (GTB) for Firefox was shut down on the 19th. Google's Directory, launched back in 2000 to compete with Yahoo, saw its final hour without any fanfare. Those included the Code Search API, Diacritize API...

  3. Battle of the Browsers: Impacting Search Share

    If you use Yahoo Mail, you probably have a Yahoo toolbar downloaded and you might use that for some of your searches. If you're an Xbox Live member, maybe you ended up downloading a Bing toolbar and that becomes your search engine of choice.