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Yahoo Sponsored Search Listings Paid Placement

  1. What are Good Links, Anymore?

    And, the more you further your brand through social media, press releases, paid search, directory placement, etc.the more recognition you should -- "naturally" -- get from the search engines. I recommend Yahoo Directory listings,

  2. Yahoo Tests 'Glue Pages' in India

    Instead, Glue Pages changes up the modules and the placement of those modules according to the keyword that is being searched. Because we're so used to paid search listings being in a sidebar, these organic listings look like sponsored results.

  3. New Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings Program Lets More Advertisers Buy Direct

    After weeks of rumors, Ask Jeeves unveiled a new automated paid listings service today -- Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings -- that will allow anyone to purchase ads directly on the Ask Jeeves network rather than having to buy placement via Google or...