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  1. Should the Government Decide Where You Rank at Google?

    And search engines have responded by returning a variety of different types of results in one place, such as news, local results, images, video, blog posts and yes, even comparison shopping results. But they're not doing anything that, apparently...

  2. Texas AG Wants Google's Formula for AdWords Rates, Ranking Sites

    Documents relating to the impact of changes in AdWords prices or minimum bids on vertical search engines, including but not limited to the following companies: Worth Point, myTriggers, Foundem,,

  3. Brand Monitoring: A Guide to Protecting Trademarks on Paid Search

    If your mark is a generic description of any product in your vertical, it will be difficult to get the search engines to help you and even more difficult to get relief in the court system. Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have trademark policies that...

  4. SearchDay | Setting Expectations for SEO

    Both search engines and SEOs have continued to work on ways to make those pages show up better in search results. Adobe Launches SEO Technology Center for Flash Posted by Kevin Newcomb Mar 18, 2009 In the not-so-distant past, sites built using...