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  1. State of Search: Strong SEM Industry Growth Projected in 2011

    PPC is as significant as ever, the SEM industry is stronger than ever and projected to grow 16 percent this year, and the Microsoft-Yahoo Search Alliance was well-received. Paid Search (PPC/Paid Inclusion)

  2. If Yahoo Exits Japan, How Will it Impact Search Marketers?

    Yahoo Microsoft Search Alliance Update for Asia As for the global Yahoo Microsoft search alliance, a Singapore based Yahoo PR spokesperson says they would start transitioning international markets this year with all global customers and partners...

  3. Are You Losing Money to Microsoft adCenter's Syndicated Search Partners?

    Microsoft adCenter, much like Google AdWords, has an extended network of websites that repurpose the Bing search results as their own including your adCenter PPC ads. As Microsoft adCenter continues to gain in importance thanks to the Search...