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  1. Get Your adCenter Search Marketing Campaign in Shape for 2012

    With the start of the new year, now is the perfect time to dive into Microsoft’s adCenter platform and add some muscle to your Yahoo Search and Bing search marketing campaigns. Instead, put these, along with low volume keywords, in separate campaigns.

  2. Advanced PPC Optimization Tips for adCenter: Negative Keywords

    This is especially important if you have simply ported over your AdWords campaigns, including their negative keywords. Obviously, adCenter and AdWords share similar frameworks, accounts, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, and bids.

  3. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - May 13, 2011

    Tips for Successful Integration of Search and Social Media Campaigns - Microsoft Close To A Big Search Deal With Baidu, Says Chinese Press - Business Insider Daily Budget Option Changes are Now Live in Microsoft Advertising adCenter...

  4. State of Search: Strong SEM Industry Growth Projected in 2011

    PPC is as significant as ever, the SEM industry is stronger than ever and projected to grow 16 percent this year, and the Microsoft-Yahoo Search Alliance was well-received. More opportunity for B2B social media campaigns as less participation over...

  5. Amber MacArthur To Share Social Media Tips at SES Toronto 2011

    Canada has experienced tremendous growth in the integration of social media into their marketing campaigns, and Amber is on top of this and the latest search marketing trends. She added, "I'm familiar with the very tech-savvy SES community, and...

  6. If Yahoo Exits Japan, How Will it Impact Search Marketers?

    Rosemary Lising, head of GroupM Search Asia Pacific, says from a bidding perspective, keyword search campaigns will continue to be auction driven and that will remain the same but what it means with Google dominating is there's going to be less...