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Yahoo Search Market Share Microsoft Covers Google

  1. Seven reasons to slip over to Islington for SES London

    This session on Wednesday, 9:00 a.m.will discuss the global impact of Microsoft's recent bid for Yahoo! Watch the Associated Press video interview of Kevin Ryan on Microsoft's Yahoo bid. Steve Jackson, Senior Consultant, Web Analytics Jim...

  2. The Search Engine Report - Number 119

    Consumer Satisfaction Doesn't Equal Market Share See also: Google Asks Microsoft To Give Users A Choice In Europe Zotspot Wants To Share The Search Wealth - Zotspot is a general-purpose engine that officially launched yesterday.

  3. The Search Engine Report - Number 118

    Google Talks On Its Approach To Content To Increase Market Share - Terry Semel, Yahoo's CEO, has warned that online advertising growth will be slowing in automotive and financial services industries.