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  1. Will Yahoo Torch its Search Deal With Microsoft, Outsource Search to Google?

    Less than a year later, Microsoft and Yahoo struck a 10-year search deal in which Bing would power Yahoo’s organic search results and Yahoo would sell search advertising, with adCenter being the self-service ad platform for both companies.

  2. Local Search: Where's the Love?

    Bottom line: because local search is so conducive to the immediacy and geographic relevance that is inherent in mobile search, a great deal of the application-level innovation driven by all of the above will focus on local search.

  3. SearchDay | Maintaining Your Image in the SERPs

    Primarily, the deal has been reduced from 10 to 2 years and a cap has been placed that would restrict Yahoo to only being able to bring into 25% of their search advertising . Google and Yahoo Revise Ad Partnership in Hopes of Winning Over DOJ...

  4. SearchDay | Canaries in the SEM Coal Mine

    Like, I don't know, the search advertising deal between Google and Yahoo. Google to Change Calculations for Quality Score and Ad Rank Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 31, 2008 Changes are coming to the way AdWords calculates its Quality Score and Ad...