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  1. SearchDay | Twitter 101

    s expanded board, a compromise with investor Carl Icahn last summer . The agreement prevented Miller from joining Yahoo! Search Drives 5th Consecutive Record Setting Year in Internet Advertising Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 30, 2009 Despite the...

  2. 50 Most Memorable Moments in Search for 2008

    Board Investor Carl Icahn wasn't happy with Yahoo's rejection of Microsoft's generous offer, so he threatened a hostile takeover of his own for the annual shareholders meeting. Carl Icahn Threatens Yahoo with Hostile Takeover of Board, Later Agrees...

  3. SearchDay | Social Community: Free Pancakes Anyone?

    Starbucks, Ben European Head Out Posted by Nathania Johnson Dec 1, 2008 Carl Icahn has increased his investment in Yahoo by purchasing nearly 7 million shares. While some may see this as a sign of "Carl in Charge," I .

  4. Eric Jackson to Yahoo: I Can Quit You, and I Did

    Jackson did approve of the Yahoo-Icahn agreement that expanded Yahoo's board by 3 members, including Carl Icahn, it apparently was not enough. While Yahoo is the number 2 search engine, number 1 in email and the owner of several strong web...

  5. SearchDay | A Tale of Two Links

    Yahoo recently expanded its board to 11 members, adding investor Carl Icahn in a settlement after his attempt to takeover the company with a new board. Yahoo Rebrands AMP as APT and Launches Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 25, 2008 Last April, Yahoo...

  6. SearchDay | I'm a PC, What Are You?

    Yahoo recently expanded its board to 11 members, adding investor Carl Icahn in a settlement after his attempt to takeover the company with a new board. New Yahoo Board Approves Talks with AOL Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 24, 2008 Yahoo's new...

  7. SearchDay: The Evolution of SEO

    Frank Biondi and John Chapple Join Yahoo Board of Directors Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 15, 2008 In accordance with the terms of the settlement with Carl Icahn, Yahoo has added two more board members to complete the expansion to 11.

  8. SearchDay: Link Building with Customers

    Let the Games Begin: Yahoo and Icahn Make it Official Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 7, 2008 Yahoo has officially appointed Carl Icahn to its board of directors, and board member Robert Kotick has officially resigned.

  9. SearchDay: Awesome Ad Groups: Small is Good

    Twas the Monday After the Yahoo Shareholder Meeting Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 4, 2008 The Yahoo shareholder meeting has come and gone without much fanfare, thanks to the settlement between the Yahoo board and Carl Icahn to keep the current...

  10. Yahoo and Carl Icahn Agree to Settlement

    Yahoo has announced that it has forged an agreement with Carl Icahn. Carl Icahn will become a board member, and then 2 more will be added from a list of 9 that Icahn will supply. Icahn owns an aggregate of 68,786,320 shares, or 4.98% of Yahoo!

  11. Yahoo's Latest Letter to Shareholders: We'll Sell for $33 Per Share

    In a letter that is likely to believed by almost no one, Yahoo regurgitated much of the same old statements about Microsoft and Carl Icahn - and then slipped in something about selling the entire company for $33 a share.

  12. Vote WHITE: Yahoo's Bastille Day Response to Carl Icahn

    We have also told you why we believe the slate of directors advanced by Carl Icahn is not the right answer for Yahoo! We believe that this odd and opportunistic alliance of Microsoft and Carl Icahn has anything but the interests of Yahoo!