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  1. SearchDay: GenieKnows Its Verticals

    to Integrate Right Media and AMP Ad Management Platforms, But When? is planning to combine their AMP and Right Media ad management platforms. Yahoo! Yahoo! Partners with Coupon Inc.for Mobile CouponsPosted by Nathania JohnsonWhile the mobile coupon...

  2. Yahoo! AMP! plus Full Text: Yahoo Proxy Statement

    There are no surprises here except perhaps the branding of Yahoo's new advertising platform as "AMP! Soon, we will roll out our new advertising management platform -- AMP! In addition, in responding to Microsoft Corporation's proposal to acquire...

  3. Yang's Yahoo Answers "OK, so now what?"

    Previewed AMP and SearchMonkey. is the headline of Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang's blog post this morning at Yodel Anecdotal, the official Yahoo! Yahoo must face the future with Microsoft at its doorstep and Google as the dominant search engine.