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Yahoo Panama

  1. Microsoft adCenter Powers All Paid Search Advertising on Bing / Yahoo Search Alliance in U.S. & Canada

    Better Targeting Options - Microsoft adCenter has more granular and exact targeting options than Yahoo's former search advertising platform, Panama. Today Yahoo! In particular, the search alliance creates a competitive alternative in search engine...

  2. Search Ad Quality Score 101, Part 1

    In Yahoo Panama, the quality score also appears in the ad group level and is called "Quality Index. Yahoo's indicators are five bars. It's been about two years since Google and Yahoo implemented their quality score algorithms.

  3. Yahoo Google Deal: Yahoo Adds AdWords Search Deal

    Yahoo's pitching the agreement as part of its "open strategy" but it's a clear indication that Yahoo Panama failed to deliver. s own Panama marketplace. will define its users' experience and will determine the number and placement of the results...

  4. Yahoo! AMP! plus Full Text: Yahoo Proxy Statement

    We're continuing to see benefits from last year's rollout of Panama, our new search monetization platform that is helping to close the monetization gap. There are no surprises here except perhaps the branding of Yahoo's new advertising platform as...