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  1. Happy Fifth Birthday to Yahoo! Search

    oneSearch. Launched a suite of mobile search products including Yahoo! Five years ago, Yahoo! Yahoo! Launched Site Explorer to help site owners to manage their presence on Yahoo! I, for one, would love to see Yahoo!

  2. Yahoo to Launch New, Comprehensive Mobile Portal

    oneSearch - Yahoo! oneSearch with Voice - Allowing users to launch searches by simply speaking. will launch a new mobile experience called, wait for it, Yahoo! Opera Mini 4.2 - An integrated version of the world's most popular mobile web browser...

  3. SearchDay | Give SEO Time!

    Voice search, auto-locate and improved Search Assist (for Blackberry) have been added and now oneSearch Shortcut is available for the Windows Mobile Client. Adds Features to oneSearch Shortcut, Including Voice Search and Auto-Locate Posted by...

  4. SearchDay | I Love Crazy Link Ideas

    oneSearch Selected as Mobile Search Service for T-mobile's Web2go Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 20, 2008 Yahoo! s mobile search product, oneSearch, has been selected by T-mobile for Web2go, their new customizable mobile web portal.

  5. SearchDay | Killer PPC Ads: The Final Word

    Yahoo's oneSearch Now Default on AT&T's MEdia Net Mobile Portal Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 8, 2008 Yahoo's mobile search, oneSearch, is now set as the default mobile search engine on AT&T's MEdia Net portal.

  6. Yahoo! Launches oneSearch Shortcut on Nokia Devices

    The feature is a shortcut that allows users to access oneSearch via one click on the downloadable mobile search client. Yahoo says a key integration of the shortcut is Search Assist, which is search suggestion technology for oneSearch.

  7. SearchDay: SEO Issues with Global Expansion

    has scored 5 new partnerships with mobile operators agreeing to include oneSearch in their mobile search offering. Over 60 oneSearch partnerships have been developed over the past . Mobile Expands Partnerships in Asian/Pacific Region Posted by...

  8. Yang's Yahoo Answers "OK, so now what?"

    Buzz, OneSearch 2.0, mobile voice search, Flickr video, Shine. is the headline of Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang's blog post this morning at Yodel Anecdotal, the official Yahoo! Yahoo must face the future with Microsoft at its doorstep and Google as...

  9. Search Headlines & Links: April 3, 2008

    Yahoo Unveils Upgrades to Mobile Search PlatformYahoo has announced upgrades to its mobile search platform, oneSearch. Yahoo! also Loses Rock Star; Music VP Ian Rogers Moves to Start-upTwo months after acquiring FoxyTunes, and setting in place a...

  10. Yahoo Unveils Upgrades to Mobile Search Platform

    Yahoo has announced upgrades to its mobile search platform, oneSearch. oneSearch 2.0, we are fundamentally changing the way consumers use the Internet on their mobile phones. Other new features to oneSearch include predictive type completion and...

  11. Yahoo Announces onePlace at CeBIT

    This news comes on the heels of Yahoo's announcement of a partnership with T-Mobile in Europe for its oneSearch mobile offering. Yahoo took advantage of the CeBIT conference in Hamburg, Germany to announce the forthcoming launch of onePlace, a...